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Customer specific case studies
Energy Kinetics Oil Boiler Installation Walnutport PA

Oil Boiler Upgrade In Walnutport PA

Problem: The homeowners of this ranch home in Walnutport, PA had an older boiler that wasn’t working properly, causing high energy bills. When we came in to diagnose the cause, we also found they had an aging oil tank with the typical leaks that are impossible to avoid.
Solution: We installed and filled a beautiful new 275-gallon oil tank (yes, we are HVAC geeks), and installed a sleek, new Energy Kinetics EK1F boiler with a 40-gallon indirect hot water heater. We also added a water baseboard throughout the first floor and kicktoe heater under the kitchen cabinets, to make sure the family finally had adequate heat throughout the home. We also added a wifi programmable thermostat to help the family better control their comfort level no matter where they are.

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boiler replacement in Stroudsburg PA

Boiler Replacement In Stroudsburg PA

Problem: The homeowner called us to schedule a tune-up on their heater as a first time customer. When our technician arrived, he found the existing 30 year old boiler was leaking and had several issues that warranted considering replacement.
Solution: Our Homeowner decided to replace the old boiler and we installed a new Energy Kinetics System 2000 EK1R boiler with a 40 gal indirect hot water heater, and created 2 zones of heating for the home which should reduce their fuel costs by 50%.

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Trachsville PA boiler replacement & Ductless heat pump installation

Residential HVAC Replacement In Trachsville PA

Problem: This ranch home in Trachsville, near Palmerton, wanted to get rid of their noisy and inefficient window air conditioners, plus they wanted an alternative to firing up their boiler when they wanted to have just a bit of heat in the Spring and Fall. They were also looking for additional hot water capacity, because their boiler couldn’t keep up with the needs of the growing family.
Solution: We installed an Energy Kinetics System 2000 Ascent Oil Boiler with a WiFi thermostat to help monitor home comfort levels even when they were away from home, and three indoor Mitsubishi ductless heat pump units to provide efficient air conditioning and supplemental heating on demand, right where it’s needed most.

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rf ohl exterior

Commercial HVAC Installation In Lehighton PA

Problem: The central heating and cooling system for our offices and showroom wasn’t doing a great job and left many people too hot or too cold, and it was hurting productivity.
Solution: We installed four Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split systems, with different zones to cover the different areas of our building. This created separate zones of comfort that allows everyone to finally be comfortable, every day of the year. Now our staff is not only more productive, but they have personal experience on how important zoned comfort can be, and can help our clients make better choices for their own homes.

After seeing our office staff bringing in heavy sweaters in the middle of summer to try to keep warm while the folks in the training rooms were complaining of being too hot, we knew we finally needed to make a change and take our own advice.

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ductless hvac system replacement stroudsburg pa

Ductless Heat Pump Replacement Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Problem: The old ductless heat pump system they had was out of warranty and not working. They wanted a new system with increased efficiency to provide the comfort they wanted in the main living area of their home.
Solution: Replace the old system with a new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pump system. These state of the art systems come with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. The system can act as both heating and cooling systems and control humidity which is really important when you have family members with allergies and asthma.

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kunkletown Pennsylvania boiler installation

Kunkletown Boiler Installation

Problem: The homeowners had an old boiler that had cracked combustion liners. This presents various issues. It is a safety issue for the family. Also, the boiler would not have the capacity to properly keep the home warm or provide hot water.
Solution: The homeowners replaced their old boiler with a newer, more efficient Energy Kinetics EKL frontier boiler with an indirect hot water. This will give them the comfort that they need to stay warm throughout the winter. Also, they will have an endless supply of hot water. The homeowners have made a great investment in the future comfort of their home.

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ductless heating and cooling installation in a Lehighton PA home

Lehighton Mitsubishi Ductless Installation

Problem: This ranch home didn’t have any air conditioning, and the high humidity was contributing to mold growth in the sun room, which was not only destructive but was aggravating the owner’s allergies.
Solution: Three zones of ductless heating and air conditioning will help the homeowners control the humidity and temperature throughout the house while saving money on energy bills with increased heating and cooling efficiency. This solution gives them both better comfort and health in one package!

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ductless heating and cooling installation Effort PA

Ductless Heating And Cooling Installation In Effort, PA

Problem: Our homeowners were looking to make their dream retirement home comfortable- and make sure that they had efficient comfort that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg in energy bills when they eventually moved to a fixed income. The home was heated with expensive to run electric baseboards and had no air conditioning at all.
Solution: Install Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat H2i heat pump system with wall mounted ductless units that provide both heating and cooling with the touch of a button. The eight zones of comfort will make every space in the home- including the attic and the garage comfortable.

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AC replacement in Jim Thorpe PA

Air Conditioner Replacement In Jim Thorpe, PA

Problem: The homeowners had an older air conditioning system that wasn’t keeping the home cool and it turned out they had low refrigerant. It was also out of warranty. Since freon is no longer being manufactured, repairing the system or retrofitting it for a newer coolant was going to be extremely expensive.
Solution: The homeowners opted to replace their old unit with a newer, more efficient 5 ton Bryant legacy series unit to make sure they got the comfort they needed. The unit also comes with a ten year parts & labor warranty.

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ductless mini split maintenance lehighton pa

Ductless Split System Tune-Up In Lehighton, PA

Problem: Our client scheduled an annual ductless tune-up. While we were there, we noticed that their blower wheel was covered in dirt and mold.
Solution: We performed the standard tune-up for her Mitsubishi ductless  system. We also disassembled her split system to access the blower wheel.  This allowed us to completely remove any dirt and mold that had accumulated.

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ductless heating and cooling installation in Bethlehem PA

Ductless Heating & Cooling in Bethlehem, PA

This is a case study of a Mitsubishi Ductless HyperHeat heating and air conditioning system that was installed in a Bethlehem home. It was installed to correct a comfort problem being experienced in a single bedroom of the house.

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Exterior photo of the Stroudsburg Le Persil Bistro

Heating Repairs in Stroudsburg, PA

This case study shows how we solved a heating problem for a Bistro in Stroudsburg, PA. In addition to handling their heating issues, we were able to address air conditioning concerns as well.

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