R.F. Ohl Case Studies

Customer specific case studies
ductless mini split maintenance lehighton pa

Ductless Split System Tune-Up In Lehighton, PA

Problem: Our client scheduled an annual ductless tune-up. While we were there, we noticed that their blower wheel was covered in dirt and mold.

Solution: We performed the standard tune-up for her Mitsubishi ductless  system. We also disassembled her split system to access the blower wheel.  This allowed us to completely remove any dirt and mold that had accumulated.

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ductless heating and cooling installation in Bethlehem PA

Ductless Heating & Cooling in Bethlehem, PA

This is a case study of a Mitsubishi Ductless HyperHeat heating and air conditioning system that was installed in a Bethlehem home. It was installed to correct a comfort problem being experienced in a single bedroom of the house.

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Exterior photo of the Stroudsburg Le Persil Bistro

Heating Repairs in Stroudsburg, PA

This case study shows how we solved a heating problem for a Bistro in Stroudsburg, PA. In addition to handling their heating issues, we were able to address air conditioning concerns as well.

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