Kerosene Delivery In Northeastern PA By R.F. Ohl

This past winter, the oil refineries experienced a significant number of challenges to supply kerosene. The kerosene supply issues will likely continue as we press on further into the year. Kerosene is no longer a reliable fuel source for heating your home.

As a result, we’ve decided to discontinue kerosene delivery.

GOOD NEWS! Heating oil is a perfect substitute for kerosene as the fuel source to supply heat to your home and/or business in nearly every application.

Heating oil (HO) offers these benefits over kerosene:

  • HO is less expensive (average customer will save $1,000 per year).
  • HO Is readily available, thus a reliable source of heating supply.
  • HO BURNS hotter, making it MORE efficient than kerosene!
  • HO mixed with our “winter additive” prevents “gelling” in outside tanks.
  • HO is ultra-low sulfur and is higher in BTU’s than kerosene.
  • Your heating equipment won’t know the difference.

Kerosene FAQs

What do you need to do about switching from kerosene to heating oil?

Nothing, we will update your account for you.

I have a MONITOR heater that uses ONLY kerosene. What do I do?

These systems are far outdated, so much so that we do not repair them anymore.

We highly recommend you update to a TOYO stove with an installation discount you may qualify for! Call our office at (610) 377-1098 to inquire about your options.

Will heating oil gel in the winter with low outdoor temperatures?

No, we mix in additives to our heating oil to prevent gelling in low temperatures. This is done automatically, so you don't need to worry about it!

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