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Protecting your family is a homeowner’s most important job. When Angie Doyne learned that she had an unsafe boiler in her home, she stepped up to the plate and immediately acted on behalf of her loved ones. The last thing she ever wants to do is put her family’s lives in jeopardy. On top of that, the winter is also quickly approaching and it’s getting very cold outside. As a result, the Doyne family needed an oil boiler replacement Walnutport PA.

After learning about their unsafe boiler from a different company, Ms. Doyne decided to connect with us because she needed to get a quote for a new replacement boiler. After connecting with R.F. Ohl on the phone, we immediately sent our expert technician Matt Miller to her residence in Walnutport PA to provide an estimate and boiler replacement suggestions.

The winter gets very cold in this part of Pennsylvania and the frigid weather will be here before in the blink of an eye. It’s best to nip this problem in the bud now by getting a free estimate from the experts at R.F. Ohl instead of risking a cold and difficult winter in the immediate future.

It was truly unsafe to continue using their really old and badly rundown and dangerous boiler any longer. But Ms. Doyne was never going to jeopardize the well-being of the people living in her home for any reason, so she contracted R.F. Ohl to install a brand-new Energy Kinetics Oil Boiler to replace the old dangerously unstable one that could’ve harmed her and the other occupants if left unchecked.

The beautiful thing about the new boiler is that during the installation process, our team discovered that incorrect piping was previously installed right near the boiler. After correcting this issue that was severely interfering with the boiler’s heating operations, the home was finally being heated properly. Even better, the new boiler would save 25% in annual fuel costs, which is a massive amount of money over the lifespan of the boiler.

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Problem: After calling another company, Angie Doyne learned that her ancient boiler was incredibly dangerous and it was jeopardizing her home and well-being. She contacted R.F. Ohl to ask for a quote and further guidance about installing a new boiler. We provided recommendations and an estimate for parts and labor.

Solution: R.F. Ohl visited the Doyne home. Our expert technician Matt Miller recommended installing an Energy Kinetics oil boiler. The owner agreed, signed a contract, and we replaced their ancient boiler with a brand-new one from Energy Kinetics. We also fixed piping that severely interfered with the boiler’s ability to heat the home.

Energy Kinetics Oil Boiler Installation in Walnutport PA

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out just how cold it gets in Walnutport PA during the winter. The weather gets brutally cold with freezing winds, heavy snowstorms, and blisteringly low temperatures. The Doyne family realized that winter was fast approaching so they called a company to take a look at their existing ancient boiler. They didn’t want to freeze this winter because of a faulty heating system.

During the consultation, they learned that their boiler was not only old and rundown, but it was dangerous to operate within their home. That’s when R.F. Ohl came into the picture because Angie Doyne called us and asked for a free no-hassle estimate. As you can imagine, we gladly obliged and our technician Matt Miller visited the home.

Matt noticed a few things during his initial visit. First, he confirmed that they were using an ancient and very dangerous boiler that needed to be replaced immediately. Second, he quickly learned that some of the piping was installed incorrectly near their boiler. This faulty piping was severely interfering with the way the boiler heated the home.

Matt provided expert recommendations and quoted Angie Doyne a fair price for material and labor. She gladly accepted the proposal and agreed to have an Energy Kinetics Model EK1T installed to replace the current rundown unit.

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Oil Boiler Installation: Actions Taken & Materials Used in Walnutport PA

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  • Installed Energy Kinetics Ascent Boiler Model EK1T
  • Corrected piping near boiler that wasn’t installed correctly
  • Provided the customer with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty

Walnutport PA Boiler Replacement & Heating System Upgrade

It’s definitely a no-brainer that Angie Doyne made the best possible choice when she hired us to replace her old boiler. Not only was it incredibly inefficient and costing her a small fortune in fuel costs, but it was also incredibly dangerous and potentially hazardous to everyone’s health. So, the old boiler absolutely had to go and it’s great that R.F. Ohl had the opportunity to replace it with an Energy Kinetics Ascent Boiler.

Energy Kinetics is a company synonymous with delivering high-quality boilers and other heating-related products. They were originally founded in 1979 and they’ve continued to deliver the goods to their customers for the past 42 years and counting. This well-respected company has designed such an effective product that it cuts the fuel bill of tankless coil boilers by up to 20% or more, which in this case is around 25%.

R.F. Ohl is dedicated to delivering top-quality products and the best possible service to each and every one of our customers. Part of our service is recommending the best possible products to meet customer needs, which is why we chose Energy Kinetics in this case because it’s a well-respected brand known for cutting down on fuel costs. Plus, their products are known to last, which will also save money because this investment will be around for many years to come due to excellent product longevity.

We continue to have a wonderful reputation in Walnutport PA because customer service is always our main focus at all times. Our goal is to continue to make our customers happy and we do everything in our power to keep them satisfied. Our HVAC experience precedes us in this industry, which is how our customers remain happy and satisfied with our product recommendations and expert service.

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Energy Kinetics Oil Boiler Expectations

energy kinetics boilers walnutport pa

It’s critically important to understand that an oil boiler has long-life expectations. Depending on the particular product, it’s possible that a traditional oil boiler will last from 15-20 years or longer in some cases. As a matter of fact, if the homeowner properly maintains the boiler with regular yearly maintenance and checkups, it’s possible to last for roughly 25 years or more in some instances.

Remember, regular maintenance and upkeep is of the utmost importance to properly maintain a boiler. Otherwise, it will not experience the maximum amount of longevity possible and the homeowner could needlessly cut its lifespan short.

Please contact R.F. Ohl immediately to sign up for an annual maintenance contract. Our team will periodically inspect your boiler and heating system to ensure that it remains in tip-top shape. The Energy Kinetics Ascent boiler will have the best chance of lasting for 25 years or longer if regular maintenance takes place each year.

Follow the lead of the Doyne family and replace ancient boilers sooner rather than later. And when it’s finally installed and working properly in your home, do not hesitate to sign up for an R.F. Ohl yearly maintenance contract to properly protect this important investment.

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3 Critical Signs That a Boiler Needs to Be Replaced

For the most part, homeowners understand the value of upgrading their boiler and heating system. They know that they should make the switch to become more energy-efficient and save on fuel costs. At other times, it isn’t necessarily obvious when a boiler needs to be immediately replaced.
Find out more about the critical signs of boiler replacement when you continue reading.

The Boiler Is Old & Outdated

old oil boiler walnutport paSome people fail to realize that it’s necessary to replace their boiler when it becomes incredibly old and outdated. If a homeowner has had it for 20 years or more, it’s likely necessary to make a switch.

At this point, the warranty is likely long gone and way past its prime. When the boiler needs to be repaired, these expenses are coming directly out of the homeowner’s pocket. In many instances, the property owner will spend more money repairing an old boiler than necessary when an outright replacement is often the better choice.

More often than not, repairing an old boiler leads to a temporary solution and nothing more. The ancient boiler will eventually break down again way too soon, so if a boiler is near its 15-20 years life expectancy, it’s time to strongly think about replacing this vital piece of heating equipment.

Increasing Energy Expenses

Paying top dollar for energy expenses is painful and unnecessary. It gets even worse when the power company begins increasing the cost of energy right when a boiler becomes inefficient due to age or other factors.

Is the homeowner noticing rising energy bills? It’s possible that these costs are increasing because extra boiler repairs are now a necessity to maintain the old and outdated boiler in the home. Constant service calls add up to big bucks after a while, so a boiler replacement is likely the best option at this point.
Consider upgrading your boiler and your heating system to a highly fuel-efficient option like the one from Energy Kinetics.

Home Comfort Is Quickly Dwindling

During the winter, certain rooms within the home might not be as comfortable as they should due to inefficient heating. Some rooms may feel too hot while others might feel too cold.
It’s also possible for temperatures to fluctuate throughout the day. If this is the case, the heating apparatus isn’t working as effectively as it once did. The heating controls have lost their efficiency, so installing more efficient controls is best in this situation.

Considerations for an Oil Boiler Upgrade

  • Expected Boiler Lifespan – choosing a boiler with a long lifespan is very important when installing a new one. Pick a brand with a reputation for longevity and your boiler could last for 20-25 years or more if it’s properly taken care of.
  • Fuel Cost Efficiency – inflation is on the rise and fuel expenses are increasing too. Choosing a new boiler with fuel cost efficiency is definitely the order of the day. This tip alone can help homeowners save 20%-25% or more in energy expenses.
  • Top Boiler Brands – it’s best to choose a highly efficient product from a well-recognized and highly respected brand. Choosing a trusted brand means buying an efficient product designed to last for many years to come. Trusted brands typically sell high-quality, more affordable products as well.
  • HVAC Contractor – finding the right contractor is always critical to have a successful oil boiler installation. R.F. Ohl is the perfect choice for the job but because we have an excellent reputation in Walnutport PA and we can handle each and every one of your HVAC needs.
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