GREMLIN Tank Monitors

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Keeping track of your heating oil needs is a hassle. If you’re tired of worrying about checking your tank levels and scheduling delivery services, consider installing a GREMLIN tank monitor today! When you install one of these state of the art tank monitors in your home heating equipment, you’ll benefit from a multitude of things such as alerts being automatically sent to your heating oil provider to let them know you’re in need of a refill.

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GREMLIN Heating Oil Tank Monitors

Select this option if you are a full-service oil customer. Full-service oil customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their oil is delivered on an automatic schedule. Automatic deliveries eliminate the risk of running out of heating oil in the middle of the winter.

Benefits of a GREMLIN Tank Monitor

The GREMLIN Tank Monitors will completely change the way you think about oil deliveries. In the past, you’ve probably stressed when the cold months of winter start to come around and you had to think about your oil levels. When you install a GREMLIN Tank Monitor, you’ll never have to worry about this again. This Tank Monitor will automatically detect the level of oil in your tank and as soon as you start to get low, an alert is sent to your heating oil provider and a delivery is scheduled. 

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How Does a GREMLIN Tank Monitor Work?

So far we’ve told you how a GREMLIN Tank Monitor can eliminate the stress of dealing with heating oil deliveries to your home. But how does it work? The GREMLIN monitor relies on ultrasonic sensors to read the level of your tank. The best part about this is you can see how your tank is doing through the GREMLIN app! This app (available on Android and iOS) lets you see the exact same information that your heating oil provider sees.

GREMLIN Tank Monitors work with our automatic delivery service. Not currently an automatic customer? No problem! Signing up for automatic heating oil delivery is easy! Click the button below to access R.F. Ohl's discount heating oil website.

When Should You Consider Installing a GREMLIN Tank Monitor?

GREMLIN Tank Monitors can be a great addition to any home heating system but we’ve come up with a few situations where you can truly get the most out of this investment. 

  • You Own a Second Home- Owning a second home that you may not be at as much as your primary residence means more than likely, you’re not paying close attention to the levels of heating oil there. With a GREMLIN Tank Monitor, you’ll never have to worry about your second home running out of heating oil again.
  • You Own a Backup Generator - If you rely on a backup generator that runs on heating oil to keep your home comfortable when the power goes out, a GREMLIN tank monitor will always ensure that you have the fuel you need to run your generator and keep your home comfortable. 
  • You Want to Lower Your Energy Costs - When you run out of heating oil, you have to schedule emergency deliveries which means paying more than if you buy heating oil regularly. When you install a GREMLIN Tank Monitor, your tank will never be running on empty and you’ll always have enough oil to last you through the winter. 

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