Generator Provides Heat and Cooling During Saylorsburg, PA Power Outages

Generator installation In SaylorsburgOur homeowner in Saylorsburg, PA was finally ready to do something about the frequent power outages he experienced. Of course, there wasn’t much he could do about the electric company. But, he could use a generator to handle the work when the local lines went down.

Outages have always been prevalent in the Lehigh Valley. But, they were becoming more bothersome. First, like many people, our homeowner has and relies on more electronic devices than before.

And, the winters are getting colder and the summers hotter. It was becoming more and more challenging to go without heating and cooling with no power. So, he contacted us to find a way an alternate power source.

Problem: A homeowner in Saylorsburg, PA wanted to add an alternate power source to his home. The power goes out frequently.

Solution: Installed a 22kw Honeywell propane-powered generator.

Frequent Power Outages In The Lehigh Valley

Power outages are frequent in places like Northeastern Pennsylvania. They occur for a few reasons out in rural areas. That’s why, even today, many homeowners look for alternative power sources. Losing electricity can quickly go from being just a nuisance to a genuine hazard.

The biggest reason for this happening is tree branches. It doesn’t take much for them to come down, especially during high winds or heavy rains. And, in the winter, snow can weigh them down and cause them to snap.

However, inevitably utility companies have to run power lines through wooded areas. And, in the Lehigh Valley, there are plenty of these. From forests and state parks to gaming lands and nature preserves, there are miles and miles of trees all around.

The companies do their best to monitor the branches near the lines. But, it’s impossible to cover the entire region.

Small towns such as Saylorsburg are often affected. In particular, this small town is north of the larger Allentown and Blue Mountain ski resort and below Mt. Pocono and Camelback Mountain. That leaves it somewhat isolated. And, there are plenty of dedicated wooded areas in between the town and major hubs.

Meanwhile, those frequent blackouts start to take their toll. They become dangerous in the winter for people who rely on electric heat. In the summer, that means the air conditioners are no longer working. As the warm seasons get hotter and hotter, this increases the chance of people getting heat stroke or other weather-related maladies.

Propane Generator For Heating And Cooling During Blackouts

More and more, people in small towns such as Saylorsburg, Tannersville, Kunkeltown, and others in the Lehigh Valley are investing in generators. They provide an alternate power source for a long time. And, they run entirely on resources on the person’s property. In this case, that’s propane.

This is a popular energy source in areas in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Like oil, it’s delivered in bulk to a person’s home. That way, they don’t have to worry about natural gas or electricity being delivered as-needed through utility lines.

The popularity is something of a holdover. Natural gas lines were not always available in these areas. The lines went to cities and larger towns first. Some places in this area still don’t have them.

So, oil and propane were more popular. People would just get one delivery every few months. And, they didn’t have to deal with interruptions in service that were out of their control.

Propane, in particular, is clean-burning and energy-efficient. It gives off fewer gases such as carbon monoxide than other sources.

Then there’s the cost. This source provides more energy per unit than gas, oil or electricity. It also wastes less energy. Combustible sources such as gas or oil lose up to 15 percent of the heat they create through the exhaust. With the source our homeowner chose, that’s only around five percent.

And, unlike with oil tanks, there’s no worry about sediment buildup. When the oil isn’t used for a while, dirt and gunk build up in the tank. Over time, that can clog the system or damage the tank.

However, when the oil is the home’s primary source of fuel, it doesn’t build up that much because it’s always moving around. In this case, however, the fuel will likely sit for a while since it’s only used in emergency situations.

Therefore, propane has the advantage. It doesn’t create any buildup no matter how long it stays there. Now, our homeowner can use it whenever he needs to without worrying about sediment or related problems.

Installing A Home Generator In Saylorsburg, PA


It didn’t take long for our homeowner to feel confident about getting a generator. And, he understood the advantages of propane to power it. With that, got to work finding the best setup for his home.

The machine would take on a lot of work once it was switched on. It would be responsible for all the home’s heating and cooling needs. On top of that, it would handle lighting and also power the house’s well pump. This way, the homeowner wouldn’t also lose running water during a prolonged blackout.

We settled on the Honeywell 22kw home backup model. It has some great features. For starters, it has an exceptionally durable all-aluminum enclosure. This protects it from even the harshest weather the Poconos can muster up.

Next, it’s very quiet. It runs at lower speeds for up to fifteen minutes to avoid really having to roar as it begins working. And, the unit’s G-Force engine is designed to run with little maintenance. That’s important when it’s going to be out of sight and out of mind for a while.

Finally, it’s equipped with mobile link technology. Now, our homeowner doesn’t even need to go outside to check on it. In fact, he doesn’t even need to be home.

This feature links the unit to his phone. He can access the operating status, maintenance schedule an more from there or any smart device.

Blackouts in Saylorsburg may be an old problem. But, our homeowner has a tried-and-true way to get around it — with some brand-new technology mixed in.

Are you looking for an alternative energy source for frequent power outages? Contact us, and we’ll help you find the setup that’s perfect for your needs.