Commercial HVAC Installation In Lehighton PA

Here in Leighton, we see our share of extreme weather, and it can get pretty humid.

HVAC Concerns At The Office

rf ohl exteriorExperts have determined that employee comfort at work affects productivity, and as an HVAC company, we should really make sure our own offices reflect the comfort we want everyone to have in their homes.

For a long time, we had a simple central heating and air conditioning system for our offices and showrooms, but like you see in many homes and businesses, some rooms just are warmer or colder than others.

Our heating oil furnace delivered great heat, but sometimes it was just too much, and people were going outside to cool down. Likewise, our central air was causing people to bring sweaters and jackets to work to try to keep warm in the summer because some rooms were frosty while others were just comfortable.

This caused folks to go outside to warm up or cool off depending on the season, and it was killing productivity. On top of that, we realized it wasn’t demonstrating the expertise we have in giving customers the perfect heating and cooling solution they needed for their homes and businesses.

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commercial ductless hvacProblem: The central heating and cooling system for our offices and showroom wasn’t doing a great job and left many people too hot or too cold, and it was hurting productivity.

Solution: We installed 4 Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split systems, with different zones to cover the different areas of our building. This created separate zones of comfort that allows everyone to finally be comfortable, every day of the year. Now our staff is not only more productive, but they have personal experience on how important zoned comfort can be, and can help our clients make better choices for their own homes.

After seeing our office staff bringing in heavy sweaters in the middle of summer to try to keep warm while the folks in the training rooms were complaining of being too hot, we knew we finally needed to make a change and take our own advice.

Assessing Our Heating And Cooling Needs

We took a look at our building and noticed it had some problems we hadn’t focused on before. Our sales desk in the showroom had a duct right above it that would blast the person and customer at the desk, and we had gotten complaints about both the noise and the blasts of hot or cold air- not a great way to make a first impression. We needed to do something about it.

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Zoned Ductless: The Perfect Solution For Our Lehighton Office

We have been installing Mitsubishi ductless systems for years, and know the benefits of providing a zone of heating and cooling just where you needed it. One of the best features about these ductless heat pump systems is that they are able to provide cost-effective heating and cooling wherever you set them up.

Many of our customers use them in place of window air conditioners in homes without central heating or air, and others use them to heat and cool those rooms in the house that never seem to be the right temperature- garages, bonus rooms, sun porches, basements — I’m sure you have one of those rooms in your office right now. Other people use it to provide that extra comfort they need in a particular room, like a master bedroom or the kitchen.

The system consists of an outdoor heat pump, and then you can operate multiple indoor units you can place up high on the wall, out of the way. Mitsubishi also has floor and ceiling mounted available if that’s what the situation requires. The units distribute hot or cool air evenly around the room and constantly monitor temperature and humidity to ensure perfect comfort. Ductless mini-splits are fingertip controlled by a remote, and you can even get a cloud-based thermostat so you can control the units from a smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Ductless Mini-Splits Improved Working And Shopping Conditions

For our offices, we were looking to give our employees greater control over the rooms where they worked, create a better experience for a customers, and even save some money on heating and cooling the office by being able to use the temperature control we needed, right when we needed it, rather than trying to get everyone to conform to one temperature throughout — that just wasn’t working. We installed four different systems, each with individual zones to finally make our building comfortable and more productive.

The first system is designed to handle heating and cooling for three single offices and the sales counter. Mitsubishi’s ductless systems are some of the quietest systems available, producing only 19db- quiet as a whisper. This means no more shouting to talk over the noise at the sales desk. Folks can take conference calls and never notice if the system comes on or not! The second system we installed covered a single big office, and the third covered our training room and showroom.

These zones can be turned off when not in use, saving money by not heating and cooling areas that aren’t occupied — and that can save substantial money on energy bills, which is why zoned solutions are so efficient and cost effective. The third system covered two additional offices, and our computer room.

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Installing Ductless Produces Unintended Benefits

mitsubishi ductless ceiling registerWe expected that after we installed the systems our employees would be happier, and they were, but we got additional benefits we weren’t even expecting. For example, before we installed the ductless systems, our computer system would actually overheat and shut down during the height of the summer!

Now our computer equipment is lasting much longer, and our IT maintenance manager noted how much less dust is around, how much cleaner the room is, and how much longer the servers and equipment are lasting — that’s a big savings for any home or business right there, not to mention the inconvenience and downtime any computer system failure can cause.

Our customers are now commenting on how comfortable the showroom is, and how so many other stores they’ve been in are noticeably too hot or cold. By establishing a steady, comfortable temperature for the showroom, our customers are no longer in a rush to leave or close a deal — they can take their time, and we’re able to demonstrate how terrific this sort of solution can be, if it’s right for their home or business, at the same time.

Ductless Mini-Splits – Efficient To Operate And Easy To Use

Best of all, Mitsubishi ductless systems are super-efficient and use inverter technology to provide cost effective heating even when it’s -19F outside, colder than what we ever see here in Leighton.

These systems also provide cooling comfort in hot weather, and the humidity controls do a great job so you’ll never “stick” to wooden furniture again in the summer. The remote control means that if someone gets too hot or cold, a simple touch gets them to perfect comfort in just a few minutes, meaning no one has to go outside to warm up or cool down anymore.

We’re now getting more work done with happier employees! No one dreads coming to trainings, because the room is perfect now! And most importantly, our customers are happier, and can see that we really believe that their comfort is the cornerstone of our business. We can now show our customers the benefit of a Mitsubishi system for their home and the importance of zoned systems, because we’ve demonstrated that for ourselves, and found even more benefits from making this change than we expected.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Mitsubishi ductless can do to make your home perfectly comfortable, right where you need it, give us a call. We’re here to help you with that or any of your heating and cooling needs, because we’ve been there- and being reminded of how important comfort is to keeping your life on track is one of the best lessons we’ve learned through our own experience.

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