EZ Comfort Plan

EZ Comfort Plan

Pay 12 EZ payments to save on home heating costs

With R.F. Ohl’s EZ Comfort Plan, you can spread your costs out over 12 months and cut winter heating bills almost in half. That means you don’t get hit with the bulk of your annual fuel costs all at once.

Protect Your Price

With our price cap options, we guarantee your price per gallon will not skyrocket. Your contracted price will NEVER go above the price cap you contracted for. However, if fuel prices drop below the cap, your price will GO DOWN. Our fee for this price protection is a nominal amount. However, if you would prefer not to pay the fee, you can still spread out your payments with EZ Comfort Plan. You will be billed on a monthly basis, but your fuel price will float up and down with the market.

Slash Your Fuel Bills

EZ Comfort Plan helps manage fuel bills by spreading them out over the course of 12 months. You won’t have to struggle with winter’s giant heating bills, because you’ll have 12 equal payments a year.

The size of your payment is based on past fuel use and projections for the coming heating season. The total is then divided into 12 equal payments. For even more manageability, consider EZ Comfort Plan’s price protection option. When you choose the program’s price cap, your price won’t rise above the cap and it can fall if our retail price drops below the cap.

Free Oil Tank Monitoring

Sign up for the EZ Comfort Plan today and get a free Gremlin oil tank monitor, valued at $150. Gremlin oil tank monitors ensure that your heating oil needs are going to be handled with the least chance of run-outs. The monitor attaches to your tank, takes ultrasonic readings of your fuel levels, and communicates your fuel level to R.F. Ohl.

What EZ Comfort Plan Does for You

No more unpleasant surprises. Even if energy prices hit the roof or if winter brings record-breaking cold temperatures (and you need two or more deliveries in the same month), you will never get hit with a huge fuel bill.

How the EZ Comfort Plan works for you

To estimate your payments, we look at your fuel delivery record from the previous year and project your total heating costs for the coming season. We divided that amount into 12 easy, monthly installments, and you make just one payment each month. If your actual fuel costs are a little higher or lower than estimated, you’ll have the option of settling up at the end of the heating season or rolling the adjustment into the following year.

Automatic Payment Options

You can have your EZ Comfort Plan monthly payments deducted directly from your bank account or charged to your credit card.

Roll In Your Comfort Plan Payments

You can use EZ Comfort Plan to break up your annual service plan fee into 12 monthly payments.


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