Ductless Air Conditioning Installation in Bethlehem PA

ductless heating and cooling installation in Bethlehem PAOur customer had a single room in his home that was constantly uncomfortable during hot summer days and cold winter days. This is a relatively newer home with a traditional central heating and cooling system.

However, the ductwork feeding one particular bedroom was not working properly.

Trying to repair the problem with the existing system was cost-prohibitive. The way the home builder installed the current HVAC system created the problem.

In fact, the fix would have required dismantling the entire HVAC system in the basement. Additionally, walls and ceilings would have needed to be opened. Some of the ductwork would have needed re-routing. Our homeowner was not interested in what this process entailed.

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Ductless Solution

outside unit - ductless air conditioning bethlehem paThe solution was a Mitsubishi HyperHeat ductless heating and cooling system. The biggest benefit was that this system could be easily installed in the home in one day. It was installed as a supplement to address the heating and cooling needs of the one troublesome room.

This solution eliminated the need to use a space heater in this bedroom during the winter. Additionally, it eliminated the need to use a window air conditioner and/or box fan in the summer.

The Mitsubishi ductless system is an energy-efficient solution that is extremely flexible and can be installed in many different applications.

This homeowner will experience lower utility bills using this ductless unit. Mitsubishi ductless systems are energy efficient and most owners report nice savings in their monthly heating and cooling bill.

Not only are the Mom and Dad thrilled to save money but the son, whose room this system was installed in, is extremely happy. In fact, the first night after the system was installed, Jack slept with the air conditioning set to 61°, the coolest he has ever been in his bedroom!

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