Ductless Heat Pump Installation In Stroudsburg PA

ductless hvac system replacement stroudsburg paBi-level or split-level homes often have challenges with heating and cooling. Because the living areas are on several floors, getting the air to circulate evenly throughout the home can be difficult, leading to hot and cold spots. Homes like this really benefit from creating zones of heating and cooling, especially in the main living areas.

The homeowners of this bi-level in Stroudsburg had an old LG ductless heat pump that was failing. They used it to keep their main living room area comfortable with air conditioning in the summer and extra heat in winter, so they knew they wanted another ductless system, but they were hoping for a system that was even more efficient and reliable. They also had asthma in the family, so controlling temperature and humidity was key.

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mitsubishi hyper heat mini split systemProblem: The old ductless heat pump system they had was out of warranty and not working.

They wanted a new system with increased efficiency to provide the comfort they wanted in the main living area of their home.

Solution: Replace the old system with a new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pump system. These state of the art systems come with 10-year parts and labor warranty.

The system can act as both heating and cooling systems and control humidity which is really important when you have family members with allergies and asthma.

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Energy Efficient Solutions

energy efficient homeWhen they called us here at RF Ohl, we knew the perfect replacement system for them would be a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Pump system with inverter technology. Mitsubishi systems work efficiently down to -13F, which is pretty much the most extreme temperatures we see here in Stroudsburg. They also act as great air conditioning systems with super humidity control in the summer, making them a great year-round solution for bi-level homes which can have those hot and cold spots due to their design.

Our homeowners were opting for one zone of ductless for the main area of their home. One of the things we love about Mitsubishi ductless is its flexibility- often you can add one zone with one indoor wall-mounted unit which provides heating and cooling, but the system can be sized to be expandable if you decide to add additional zones sometime in the future. We’ll often see someone opt for one zone, and later add additional zones for master bedrooms, or offices, to make sure they have the comfort they need, right where they need it, by simply adding an additional wall unit at much lower cost than a whole initial installation. This flexibility allows homeowners to make flexible decisions to meet their budget but also meet their comfort issues over time, which is hard to achieve with standard unitary systems.

The Mitsubishi ductless system comes with 10-year parts and labor warranty, one of the very best in the business, guaranteeing these homeowners will have the comfort the crave for many years to come. We know that the ability of the system to distribute air throughout space and monitor humidity will also help our homeowners with their asthma, by keeping the air quality high throughout. That means our homeowners will get a better night’s sleep, knowing they have a system that will deliver them the energy-efficient comfort they need while keeping them breathing easy for years to come, something any homeowner can appreciate!

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