Air Conditioner Replacement In Jim Thorpe, PA

AC replacement in Jim Thorpe PAThis charming colonial home in Jim Thorpe, PA was purchased recently by new homeowners, excited to move into such a great home. However, sooner than they would have liked, they found out there was a problem with their air conditioning system.

The home came with a 5-ton air conditioning system that wasn’t working well- while the unit was supposed to be only 8 years old, it was low on refrigerant and couldn’t keep up during the hot weather.

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bryant legacy series air conditionerProblem: The homeowners had an older air conditioning system that wasn’t keeping the home cool and it turned out they had low refrigerant. It was also out of warranty. Since freon is no longer being manufactured, repairing the system or retrofitting it for a newer coolant was going to be extremely expensive.

Solution: The homeowners opted to replace their old unit with a newer, more efficient 5 ton Bryant legacy series unit to make sure they got the comfort they needed.

The unit also comes with a ten-year parts & labor warrant, giving the homeowners the comfort they need and the peace of mind that they have made a great investment in the future comfort of their home.

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R-22 Phase Out

r-22 refrigerantThis old system was out of warranty, and the homeowners ran into a problem that many homeowners with older systems will face in the next few years- the old, freon refrigerant is no longer being manufactured, due to its harm to the environment. Newer systems use a different kind of refrigerant that operates under higher pressure, making it very difficult to retrofit old systems, and because the supply of freon is extremely limited, if you can even get it, repairing the current system would cost almost half of what a new system would cost.

When the homeowners called, RF Ohl answered promptly and sat down with them to diagnose the problem and offer a range of options. Fortunately, their heating system was still in good shape- only the AC unit needed work. But the expense was substantial, and we knew the homeowners would need to think about it, to make a decision they were comfortable with.

The homeowners called back the experts at R.F. Ohl not only because of our great reputation, but because we had been straight-forward laying out all the options for the homeowners. The old unit was properly sized, and really all the homeowners needed to decide was whether to repair or replace the old unit, and they trusted us to install a new Bryant 5-ton air conditioner with a 10 years parts and labor warranty.

Our homeowners are now assured that they have a system that will last them for many years in the future, and they know that we’re also here to help them as needed with the proper maintenance of the system, so they can sleep easily at night, knowing they will be comfortable for many years to come, all year long.

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