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When it comes to reliability, durability, and peace of mind, look no further than Granby heating oil tanks we offer here at R.F. Ohl.

Winter here in Northeastern Pennsylvania is guaranteed to throw a few snowstorms and a lot of cold weather from those pesky polar vortex’s making their way to us from up north. On those cold days, you look to go turn the heat on to stay warm and comfortable. It’s a luxury that most take for granted.

An important piece to your home heating system is your oil tank, which houses your heating oil to provide the fuel to heat your home. Heating oil tanks can be placed above ground whether it be outside or in the basement or buried underground on your property.

Granby Heating Oil Storage Tanks

When it comes to choosing a heating oil storage tank, Granby is the way to go! At R.F Ohl, we offer two of their most popular and reliable oil tanks for your oil home heating system in northeastern Pennsylvania.

standard granby oil tank

Granby Standard Heating Oil Tank

Granby Standard heating oil tanks have been one of the top brands of steel heating oil tanks since 1954. They offer high-quality products that combine durability, reliability, and security. Also offering a manufacturer’s warranty for defects for these oil tanks. They are known for:

granby double walled heating oil storage tank

Granby 2-in-1 Double-Wall Oil Tank

These Granby 2-in-1 double-walled oil tanks are the real deal when it comes to durability, safety, security, and a stellar warranty to help make sure your oil tank worries will be at an all-time low. These oil tanks are known for:

Reliability When You Need It Most 

Know your family's heating will be safe with a Granby Oil Tank

When it comes to trusting your home heating needs in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, look no further than a Granby oil tank for you and your family's comfort and peace of mind. It's one of the many reasons why we choose to work with Granby as an Authorized Seller and Distributor, delivering some of the best heating oil tanks on the market. Schedule a risk-free, no-obligation, hassle-free consultation with our NATE certified technicians today!

How Do You Get Rid Of An Old Oil Tank?

When it comes to removing your fuel oil storage tank, you want to hire professionals such as our Factory-Trained, NATE Certified Technicians here at R.F. Ohl. You do not want to try to remove the oil tank yourself because there are very strict regulations on how the oil tank must be removed and disposed of. The risk of an oil spill and the price of cleaning it up is too expensive to do a removal any other way.

How Many Gallons Are In A Heating Oil Tank?

This can vary on the size of your home. The most common oil tank for home heating is a 275-gallon oil tank. Tanks can go anywhere from 50 gallons in homes up to thousands of gallons for commercial. Either way, we recommend calling in an expert technician if you are unsure how much oil your tank can hold.

How Long Does An Oil Tank Last?

This depends on how well you take care of the tank, have maintenance done, and how much you use your oil heat. On average, a typical oil tank should last about 15 years. With some companies, they offer great warranty's on their oil tanks because of how reliable they are. Such as Granby and their 2-1 double-walled oil tank which has a 30-year warranty covering manufacturing defects! That's one of the many reasons why we like Granby home heating oil tanks.

What Happens When I Run Out Of Oil?

It can be very difficult to keep track of how much oil you have or even forgetting because of the hassles of everyday life. If you let the oil run out then you'll have to get an emergency delivery which has higher costs to it as well as have to pay a prime and restart fee. We recommend signing up for automatic heating oil deliveries to save the headache and let the worrying to the experts here at R.F. Ohl to deliver you your home heating needs in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Can I Use Diesel In My Heating Oil Tank?

We don't recommend using diesel in your oil tank unless you are in a bind and need something to keep the house warm for a day or two. But yes, you can use diesel in your fuel storage tank for temporary use. Diesel is pretty much the same thing as home heating oil except you'll pay a premium for it because of the different taxes for it. We recommend signing up for automatic home heating oil deliveries so you'll never have to worry about having to use diesel in your home oil tank.

When Should You Fill A Heating Oil Tank?

This depends on if you are low on oil or use a lot of heating oil in your home. We recommend automatic deliveries for your home heating oil so you won't have to worry about filling it. We will keep track of your oil usage and when it is getting low, we will have a truck already out there filling your tank, even if you're not home.

Can I Get Oil Delivered With A Damaged Or Faulty Oil Tank?

This is one is important. Absolutely not! There are specific rules set in place under the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), that need to be adhered to and are governed by. An example is NFPA 31, which states, “The minimum required fuel vent pipe code is 1 ¼ inches.” If you have a vent pipe on your heating oil storage tank, it must meet these requirements or you run the risk of the tank blowing apart from the build-up of air pressure from filling the heating oil tank and not allowing the air to vent fast enough. Leaving your home and family, and any company you may hire to fill your oil tank in a dangerous situation. If you think you have a faulty oil tank or that it may be damaged, please reach out immediately to us here at R.F. Ohl so we can send one of our NATE Certified Technicians over to assess the damages.

R.F. Ohl and Granby Offering Your Solution To Oil Tanks

When it comes to the right home heating oil tank for anyone living in northeastern Pennsylvania, choose Granby Oil Tanks because of their reliability, durability, security, and safety.

That is why we recommend using these tanks for our customers and when looking for a replacement oil tank, looking to get an oil heating system put in, or to have someone assess your heating system, trust in R.F. Ohl and our factory-trained, NATE certified technicians to get the job done right.

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