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Trachsville PA boiler replacement & Ductless heat pump installationHomes like this one in Trachsville are a great place to raise a family. There’s plenty of places for the kids to play, and home is the center of family life. And like for most growing families, this family wanted comfort throughout their home but didn’t want to spend all of their budget on energy bills.

The family had been relying on inefficient, noisy window air conditioners to provide relief from the heat in the summer, and were relying on an aging oil boiler in their home for heat and hot water. The oil boiler wasn’t producing enough water to get everyone through their showers in the morning, leading to arguments and unhappiness when the hot water ran out in the middle of Dad’s shower! On top of that, the family was hoping to get just a little bit of heat in the “shoulder seasons”- those days in Fall and Spring when it’s just a little cold, but you don’t want to have the heat running everywhere in the house.

When they called us here at R.F. Ohl, we knew that we could provide them with a custom designed solution that would solve all of their comfort needs. The first thing we needed to address was the problem with the current oil boiler and running out of hot water. If this has ever been a problem at your house, you know how it can impact your whole day. A nice warm shower going cold, just when you are in the middle of washing your hair, can make a perfectly fine morning miserable, and that feeling can stay with you for hours.

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Problem: This ranch home in Trachsville, near Palmerton, wanted to get rid of their noisy and inefficient window air conditioners, plus they wanted an alternative to firing up their boiler when they wanted to have just a bit of heat in the Spring and Fall. They were also looking for additional hot water capacity because their boiler couldn’t keep up with the needs of the growing family.

Solution: We installed an Energy Kinetics System 2000 Ascent Oil Boiler with a WiFi thermostat to help monitor home comfort levels even when they were away from home, and four indoor Mitsubishi ductless heat pump units to provide efficient air conditioning and supplemental heating on demand, right where it’s needed most.

Energy Kinetics System 2000 Boiler

energy kinetics system 2000Energy Kinetics has a great System 2000 boiler that combines providing heat and hot water to a home, with maximum efficiency. I bet you might not know that heat and hot water can account for up to 75% of your home’s energy use, so getting an efficient system, especially for the cold winters we get here in Carbon County is important. The Energy Kinetics System 2000 uses a hybrid energy recovery system that helps capture energy at the end of a burn cycle that most other systems waste, adding significant efficiency- and energy savings- that can save you significant money when it comes to heating your home. It also has a high performance domestic hot water system that can provide almost unlimited hot water to meet the demands of your household. This allows the system to have an initial supply of hot water and then it can keep up with hot water on demand, just like a tankless system, providing you as much hot water as you want. You could fill a garden tub, then do a load of dishes while someone else takes a shower, and no one will get cold water!

The Energy Kinetic System 2000 also has whisper-quiet operation, meaning you won’t get that loud thump when the heat comes on, and it can cut up to 40% off your home heating bills, something a growing family can really appreciate. Our homeowners also opted to add a WiFi programmable thermostat, so they can monitor the temperature of their home no matter where they are- even on vacation! You’ll never have to guess whether you turned off the heat when you go on vacation ever again. The homeowners can even use their smartphones to boost or reduce the temperature in the house from their bedroom if they want- something that can be a really nice feature if the temperature drops unexpectedly overnight.

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In addition to the new boiler which solved their hot water and winter heating issues, the homeowners added four Mitsubishi Hyper-Heating ductless units to the master bedroom, living room, and a spare bedroom. These wall-mounted units will be able to provide state of the art air conditioning on demand, from a convenient handheld remote. Each unit can be operated independently, creating zones of comfort that can be turned on and off and controlled independently. This allows you to save significantly by only using the energy you need to get the comfort level you want, where you need it most.

These Mitsubishi Hyper-Heating units also can act as supplemental heating, all the way down to -13F. Using heat pump inverter technology, they use the minimal amount of energy necessary to maintain a constant level of comfort in your home, right where you need it. The systems are so efficient, many customers remark on how much lower their monthly energy bill is because they can depend on these systems and delay turning on the main oil heat in their home until the really cold weather finally settles in.

Improved Comfort And Energy Use

By pairing the Mitsubishi ductless heat pump system with the Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler, our homeowners in Trachtsville will have the hot water and warm oil heat they want, while saving significantly on energy bills and enjoy great air conditioning and supplemental heating for the areas of their home most in use. This combination system will end up not only providing the family with additional comfort, but it will also provide them with the pace of mind that comes from never having to worry about another cold shower and grumpy morning again- something everyone with a growing family will really appreciate.

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