Propane Replaces Fireplace For Backup Heat In Tobyhanna PA

propane fireplace tobyhanna paOur homeowners in rural Tobyhanna, PA needed a better backup for heating than a wood-burning fireplace. They often experience power outages. And, that would mean losing heat.

Their home had electric heat. It worked well most of the time. But, when there’s no electricity, it wouldn’t work at all.

To make up for this, the Lehigh Valley family would use an old wood-burning fireplace. It worked in a pinch but had a lot of drawbacks. They were ready for an upgrade.

A propane system seemed like the way to go. It’s a clean, efficient energy source that heats an area quickly.

It’s also cheaper than other solutions in the long run. But, there was still an upfront cost. And, that put off our homeowners from upgrading their system for a long time.

Fortunately, we were able to work around those challenges. Now, this family in Tobyhanna, PA has powerful heat whenever they need it. And, they got it without breaking the bank.

Problem: A family in Tobyhanna, PA had electric heat but often experienced power outages. They wanted a more efficient backup than a wood-burning fireplace. But, they did not have a lot of money to invest immediately.

Solution: Added propane to supplement the primary heater with a vent-free log set fireplace. Our homeowners also qualified for no-interest financing.

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Power Outages In Rural Tobyhanna PA

gas fireplaceRural areas such as Tobyhanna, PA frequently experience power outages. In particular, this small town in Monroe County in the Lehigh Valley is surrounded by large wooded areas. And, while Tobyhanna State Park and nearby Poconos retreats are picturesque, they can often wreak havoc on power lines.

It’s common, for instance for downed trees and branches to disrupt power. And, when people like our homeowners rely on electricity for heat, this can become a problem.

Our homeowners wanted to replace their traditional wood-burning fireplace. It was great for ambiance and old-fashioned charm. But, it wasn’t useful for actually generating heat. They were interested in propane instead.

Normally, the house used a Mitsubishi hyper-heat ductless system for warmth This setup provided even heating throughout the house — as long as there is electricity available.

In the past, they’ve used their old wood-burning stove for heat when there’s no power. But, it wasn’t the best solution. For starters, it would take a little while to get the flames going. And, even then, they weren’t getting all the heat they could.

And old fireplace requires a chimney to get rid of all that smoke. At the same time, however, a lot of the heat from the fire gets lost that way, too. That’s why our homeowners were interested in an upgrade.

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Using Propane For Backup Heat

propane tankUsing propane heat would eliminate the home’s heating problems. For starters, it burns much cleaner than wood. That makes it better for the environment — and your lungs. Even with a chimney, wood smoke gives off carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

Next, our homeowner’s new heating source was more efficient. It burns much hotter than wood, oil, natural gas or electric heat. That means it takes less to provide more warmth. The less they use, the less they pay for.

And, it’s delivered straight to their home and stored in a tank. This means there’s always a heat source at the ready. Downed power lines or problems with piping for natural gas won’t affect their ability to stay warm.

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Installing A Tank And Vent-Free Log Set Fireplace

propane linesFor this home, we needed to install a tank along with a vent-free log set fireplace. To connect them, we’d need to run a line from the tank outside to the fireplace. It was a fairly simple job.

To start with, our homeowners opted for a 420-pound outdoor tank. It’s above ground but stands just over four feet. Since it’s not a larger tank, we were able to place it close to the house.

That way, it wasn’t visible from the street. We just needed to make sure it wasn’t too close to any doors or windows. And, it needed to be ten feet away from the actual ignition point inside.

We found a spot on the side of the home, just between two windows. It’s covered on the sides by trees, keeping it out of the way.

Inside, we installed the new fireplace in the space of the old one. This way, the room keeps its original look and feel. But, the heat it gets now is more efficient and cleaner.

Financing A Vent-Free Fireplace And New Heating Source

If the job was so easy, and the heating was so much better, why didn’t our homeowner do this sooner? The answer was simple: money.

The fireplace, tank, and installation were not outrageously expensive. And, our homeowners did well enough. But, they also find it important to live within their means. Sometimes, that makes even an investment such as this prohibitive.

Fortunately, we were able to make things much easier than they expected. They were quickly approved for one of our great financing packages.

This way, there was no huge upfront cost. Instead, they’ll pay under $30 a month with zero interest. It’s a price that fits well into their budget. And, they don’t have to go any longer with substandard heat when there’s a power outage.

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