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We offer the most unique, money saving comfort plans in NEPA. Get the most from your energy dollar and be confident that you have the best home comfort protection. The Ohl Advantage Plans all include an annual tune-up to prevent breakdowns and reduce your energy bills. You can save up to 10% on your energy bills from annual precision tune-up!

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Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Service Plans

Q: Why should I invest in a comfort plan?

A: An Ohl Comfort Plan guarantees 24/7 priority service with a service technician at your home the same day. Never pay an overtime or weekend rate on an after-hours service call. Comfort plan customers also enjoy 15% off repairs and a FREE annual tune-up.

Q: Why are tune-ups important?

A: Records show that four out of five system breakdowns could have been prevented with regular maintenance. A precision tune-up will reduce the chance of a breakdown, keep your system running at peak efficiency and cut your fuel bills by up to 10%.

Q: Why is buying a service plan a good decision?

A: For just a few dollars more than the cost of a tune-up, you can get a service plan that includes annual maintenance. Plus, in the event your system needs service, you have priority status and go to the top of our list, even on the coldest days when we’re flooded with calls.

Q: Which plan is best for me?

A: We have plans that cover any primary heating system, supplemental heating source, mini-split ductless system or central A/C system. We also have a plan for water heaters, cooking stoves, or any other propane or gas appliance. We have a plan to fit your needs! We can service any system - no matter who installed it!

Q: How do I save on repairs?

A: Our Comfort Plans save you 15% OFF repairs. They also include a FREE annual tune-up!

Terms & Conditions

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to call and schedule an appointment for maintenance.
  • R.F. Ohl agrees to render service to the customer’s heating equipment for one year from the month in which customer enrolls in the plan (the effective date). This Comfort Plan will be renewed automatically each year unless terminated in writing by either party 60 days prior to expiration. Customer may only transfer or assign coverage under this plan with prior written consent from R.F. Ohl.
  • This coverage covers a furnace or boiler only. It does not include controls, ductwork, etc.
  • R.F. Ohl will not be held responsible, nor will it be required to repair or replace a system if the system is damaged due to a frozen heating system, frozen pipes, flooded basements, interruption of electricity, fire, acts of God, customer negligence, inadequate fuel supply, or when account payments are in delinquent status. R.F. Ohl will not be held liable for any damage when work is done in a proper and professional manner. This agreement DOES NOT cover repair or service calls due to or as a result of accounts held for non-payment.
  • This Agreement shall not be considered as an unconditional guarantee or warranty against equipment failure or the operation of the heating system.
  • Upon approval, acceptance and payment, service plan will be effective immediately. Preventive maintenance and combustion service will be performed during the period the plan is in effect at the mutual convenience of the customer and R.F. Ohl. Customer will receive a tune-up reminder from R.F. Ohl. Tune-ups can be scheduled from April 15 to Sept. 15.
  • Customer must promptly notify R.F. Ohl of any unusual operating conditions, suspected malfunctions, or defects of the equipment subject to service.
  • If Customer continues to operate system after being advised not to do so, damage which occurs will be the responsibility of the Customer.
  • Customer agrees there will be NO changes, adjustments, services, system alterations, or repairs performed by anyone other then R.F. Ohl including Customer, unless authorized or approved by R.F. Ohl in writing.
  • Customer agrees to use reasonable care in the operation of the system.
  • In the event of termination of this agreement there are no partial or prorated refunds.
  • R.F. Ohl shall be released from liability for any damage resulting in an unoccupied dwelling. It is the responsibility of the Customer to arrange for a daily house check if Customer is away from premises.
  • Customer understands and agrees that the Agreement does not cover any work for underground or inaccessible parts of the heating system or piping. Customer agrees that R.F. Ohl will not be responsible for any leaks or discharges emanating from underground pipes or other portions of piping that can not be immediately accessed without removing drywall, other systems, building foundations, or other materials.
  • This Agreement DOES NOT COVER any environmental cleanup cost resulting from tank leakage, tank discharge, tank replacement, site remediation, or the cost to bring the site into compliance with local, state, or federal authority requirements, except those costs arising from R.F. Ohl’s negligence.
  • While R.F. Ohl is equipped to provide emergency service to our customers, R.F. Ohl will not be liable for any delay or failure to supply service, material, or labor because of conditions beyond R.F. Ohl’s reasonable control. In no event shall R.F. Ohl be liable for any consequential or incidental damages or injury of any kind of description including personal injury.
  • The service plans at prices quoted are for ordinary residential or comparably sized commercial heating systems that fire at a rate of up to 2.5 gph.
  • This service plan DOES NOT COVER chimney maintenance, discovery and removal of asbestos material, fuel storage/supply systems, separately fired domestic water heating equipment, indirect-fired water heating storage systems, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, radiant heating systems, forced warm air zone controls and dampers, combination solid/oil units, wood or coal add-on units, tankless coils, fuel storage tanks, underground lines and fittings, oil lines, programmable or clock thermostats.

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