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After moving into their new home, the Wrightson family knew that their oil-fired boiler was very old, but they also learned something that they weren’t expecting. They found out that their boiler was leaking and discovered a puddle of water on the floor right next to the boiler. Obviously, the homeowners didn’t feel comfortable with the leaking boiler and it led to immediate concerns about the longevity of their existing heating system.

Instead of waiting for their heating system to eventually peter out on its own, they decided that it was better to act immediately and solve the problem before it became a major issue in the middle of a freezing cold Lehighton, PA winter. This makes the most sense because it’s already getting extremely cold outside as the holidays approach and the Wrightson family shouldn’t have to worry about their heating system breaking down during the holiday season.

What did they do next? They contacted R.F. Ohl and requested our immediate help. They wanted to learn about all of their potential options for replacing this boiler and requested to have one of our technicians visit their home. So, our expert technician Matt Miller visited their property to discuss their options. During his visit, he also learned that they had a natural gas meter base for their home. Although the meter was missing, they simply had to contact the local gas company named UGI to get the new meter installed. This opens up the possibility of using natural gas as another option for a fuel source.

Mr. Wrightson was intrigued by the proposition of fueling his heating system with natural gas for a number of reasons. But most of all, he was thrilled to have the ability to remove the old and cumbersome existing oil tanks to free up additional space in his basement to use as he pleases. The new boiler installation would provide enough extra space for the homeowner to set up his basement exactly the way he wanted it. In this home, we performed an oil to gas boiler conversion Lehighton PA.

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Problem: Although the Wrightson family knew they brought a home with an old and outdated boiler, once they moved in they discovered that the oil-fired boiler was also leaking water because a puddle formed at the base of the unit. They didn’t feel comfortable leaving the old heating system in place only to have it burn out in the middle of a harsh Lehighton, PA winter. So, they decided to upgrade their heating system right away.

Solution: Expert specialist Matt Miller visited the Wrightson home on behalf of R.F. Ohl. As he began discussing heating system replacement options with the homeowners, he discovered that they had a natural gas meter base for their home. He suggested contacting the local gas company to install a new meter. After the gas company did their job, Matt Miller proposed installing a natural gas boiler, which the homeowner agreed to wholeheartedly because he wanted to remove the large and unwieldy oil tanks from his basement anyway to free up additional space.

Energy Kinetics Oil to Gas Conversion in Lehighton PA


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Most people aren’t very surprised to learn that the weather gets extremely cold in Lehighton PA in the heart of the winter. In fact, on average, the weather fluctuates between 27°F and 38°F, which isn’t very warm at all. The area is typically bombarded by 13 days of freezing rainfall during the month of December and on average, the snow typically falls for 7 days during the final month of the year.
When Matt Miller visited for his consultation, he spoke with the homeowner and learned that they would be very pleased to remove the old oil-fired boiler tanks to use the space for other things. So, when Matt realized that the home had a missing natural gas meter and it was set up for natural gas, he suggested contacting the gas company to have a new meter installed. He also suggested an oil to gas conversion to eliminate the need for those large oil tanks.

Matt quoted a very durable and efficient natural gas boiler from Energy Kinetics. He also said that he’d have to install new gas piping throughout the home in order to add a new gas cooking range and other gas appliances in the future when needed. The homeowners accepted the proposal and the rest is history. The homeowner agreed to have an Energy Kinetics Model EK1T Ascent natural gas boiler installed and the removal of the existing oil tanks.

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Oil To Gas Conversion: Actions Taken & Materials Used In Lehighton, PA

  • Installed Energy Kinetics Ascent Boiler Model EK1T Ascent
  • Installed new gas piping throughout the home to add a gas cooking range and another gas appliance in the future

Lehighton PA Oil To Gas Conversion & Upgraded Heating System

energy kinetics gas boilers lehighton paJoe Wrightson absolutely made the right call to replace his existing oil-fired boiler because it was really old and outdated and it was also leaking a puddle of water all over the floor. Not only that, but it was also an inefficient system that would’ve been very expensive for the homeowner if they continued using it in its current rundown state. R.F. Ohl and Matt Miller recognized an opportunity to replace it with a natural gas-fired Energy Kinetics Ascent Boiler.

Energy Kinetics is a wonderful company with plenty of longevity in the industry. The company was founded in 1979 and they’ve spent the last 42 years providing high-quality products and impeccable service to all of their customers. We consider Energy Kinetics one of the most trusted brands in the industry, which is why we continue to recommend them to our customers every step of the way.

Their highly efficient products will help to eliminate fuel costs, which is always great for customers because it will help them save money year after year on energy expenses. As we all know, saving money is an important goal of every homeowner, so recommending highly efficient products is always one of our top priorities.

R.F. Ohl continues to thrive in Lehighton PA for many reasons, but customers particularly appreciate our highly trained and skilled staff and our focus on delivering the best customer service in the business. Our focus is to continue to deliver the best products and services to our customers to make sure they remain satisfied at all times. Our experience in the HVAC industry precedes us and we will continue to work hard to maintain our well-deserved positive reputation.

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Energy Kinetics Natural Gas Boiler Expectations

When a gas boiler is properly installed and maintained, it is expected to last for 15 years or longer. This is only possible as long as the boiler is properly maintained and installed correctly.
From a maintenance standpoint, a proper annual maintenance contract is an absolute must. A professional heating technician must expertly check the heating system every year to make sure it is running in tip-top shape and to clean it annually to reduce heat exchanger corrosion.

The technician’s job is to also take a closer look at the boiler during servicing to attempt to discover small leaks, control errors, and other potential problems. If these issues are discovered during the annual boiler servicing, the technician can take the necessary steps to correct these problems before they become even bigger issues.

Improper installation can lead to serious problems in the future. A licensed and professional contractor like R.F. Ohl is an absolute must. Customers need someone who can properly install all of the major components of a heating system and boiler to ensure maximum longevity. If the components are installed wrong, the boiler will not operate as well as it should and this will lead to additional repairs and other problems because of faulty installation.

Remember, the highly trained and skilled technicians at R.F. Ohl are the ideal candidates to install and properly maintain a natural gas boiler. This all but guarantees that the boiler will last for 15 years or much longer with care and oversight.

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3 Warning Signs A Gas Boiler Is Working Inefficiently

Every homeowner wants their gas boiler to work as efficiently as possible. And in this particular case, the Wrightson family made an oil and gas conversion with the hopes of creating a more energy-efficient heating environment in their home. Since they are brand-new natural gas boiler owners, it makes sense to share a few important warning signs of inefficiency.

In this particular case, they’ve hired R.F. Ohl to perform annual maintenance on their heating system, so these inefficiencies will never be a problem because we’ll catch them before they ever have an opportunity to get out of hand. But for everyone else, please keep the following in mind.

The Pilot Light On The Boiler Keeps Going Out

This might seem like a common problem, but it really shouldn’t happen on a regular basis. If it does continue to happen often, it’s likely because the thermocouple needs replacing. Make sure to contact a gas safe registered engineer to replace this broken part. This isn’t a task that the homeowner should perform if they do not have the proper qualifications.

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The Boiler Takes A Long Time To Heat Up

In today’s modern world, gas boilers tend to work highly efficiently. And it’s because of this efficiency that boilers tend to heat and produce hot water in a near-instant fashion. If for some reason the boiler takes a lot longer for the hot water to come out of the taps, or it takes longer than normal for a home to get warm while heating, it’s a sure sign that an expert technician should pay a visit to check on the boiler.

The Boiler Flame Is Yellow Instead Of Blue

Is the flame inside the boiler burning with a yellow color? Believe it or not, this isn’t what it should look like when the natural gas is burning properly. It should actually have a blue flame burning inside.

What does this mean? First, it means the homeowner should call on expert technicians like R.F. Ohl immediately to diagnose the problem. Secondly, it potentially means that the boiler is producing carbon monoxide, which is a real problem that needs to be taken seriously.


Oil to Gas Conversion Upgrade Considerations

  • Boiler Fuel Efficiency – fuel is becoming very expensive with inflation suddenly rearing its ugly head. Choosing an upgraded model known for its highly efficient fuel-burning is certainly beneficial to the homeowner. Many homeowners save 20%-25% in fuel expenses after their upgrade.
  • Brand Of Boiler – homeowners benefit tremendously by choosing a brand that’s highly recognized and well known for producing top-quality products within the industry. Trusted brands usually mean purchasing a highly efficient product with serious longevity as well. They are often affordable, made of top-quality materials, and built to last.
  • Boiler Longevity – it makes the most sense for homeowners to upgrade an oil boiler to a new gas boiler with a reputation for longevity. With a long lifespan, the product will last for many years to come and with proper maintenance and care, decades may pass before it needs to be replaced in the future.
  • Boiler Installation Contractor – it’s always important to find the best contractor available to do the job. In this case, R.F. Ohl is an amazing choice in Lehighton PA. Our reputation is in great standing and we have an excellent rapport with many members of the community.
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Homeowners in need of an oil to gas conversion in Lehighton PA shouldn’t look any further than contacting R.F. Ohl. Our highly qualified technicians have helped thousands of homeowners throughout the years and our recommendations, service, and suggestions are second to none.

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