Ductless Split System Tune-Up In Lehighton, PA

ductless mini split maintenance lehighton paThe town of Lehighton is located in Pennsylvania, about 20 miles northwest of Allentown. It is the most populated borough in all of Carbon County and it is considered the epicenter of the business community.

Recently, the technicians at R.F. Ohl went and serviced a Ranch style home that was located here in Lehighton, PA. Kim, our client, wanted us to perform a ductless heating and cooling system tune-up.

Kim had a Mitsubishi ductless system installed a number of years ago. She is quite pleased with her system. As with all heating and cooling systems, they require a preseason tune-up. She called us for an annual inspection and, while we were there, we noticed that the blower wheel was covered in dirt and mold.

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ditry split system blower wheelProblem: Our client scheduled an annual ductless tune-up. While we were there, we noticed that their blower wheel was covered in dirt and mold.

Solution: We performed the standard tune-up for her Mitsubishi ductless system. We also disassembled her split system to access the blower wheel. This allowed us to completely remove any dirt and mold that had accumulated.

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Mini Split Blower Wheel: Dirt & Mold Removal

ductless AC tune-upMany companies offer to do tune-ups on mini-splits, but they will not offer to take the head unit apart to clean the blower wheel if needed. More often than not, the blower wheel needs to be cleaned. The amount of dust, dirt, and mold that might form on the wheel over a season of use is pretty substantial.

During this process, the head unit is completely disassembled and the blower wheel is removed. The blower wheel is then thoroughly washed and cleaned. Although the process takes some time, it is worth it.

A clean system is a system that offers many benefits. With Kim’s situation, she will avoid future issues that are associated with mold or dust buildup that might harm the head unit over time.

After consulting with R.F. Ohls certificated HVAC contractors, she claims that she will have this service conducted twice a year. She will schedule this service in the spring, right before the cooling season. She will schedule the second one in the fall, right before the cold PA winter settles in.

mini split tune-up

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Benefits Of A Ductless Split System Tune-up

There are many benefits that come out of getting a tune-up on your HVAC system. Listed below are some of the advantages that Kim will receive:

Avoid AC problems During The Summer: No one wants to deal with AC problems during the summer. By having an A/C tune-up done during the spring, Kim will avoid the possibility of a breakdown when she needs her air conditioner the most.

Catch Small Issues Before They Escalate: When an AC unit, including a mini split system, has an issue that goes unattended, the problem only worsens with time. Kim’s tune-up saved her a lot of money. By having her blower wheel cleaned, she won’t have to deal with a costly repair that she would have paid if the dirt and mold hadn’t been cleaned off. Dirty systems end up having major issues when they are not cleaned thoroughly.

The Mini Split Will Keep A Home More Comfortable: A clean HVAC system is much more effective at keeping a home at a comfortable temperature level. A dirty system develops problems and inefficiencies that make it difficult for it to perform well.

A Ductless Tune-Up Will Reduce Energy Bills: When any HVAC system receives a tune-up, including ductless systems, they perform much more efficiently. With use, the efficiency of a system does drop. A tune-up will get a system running at peak efficiency. This translates into reduced operating costs. It also means paying lower power bills without having to compromise comfort.

Extend The Lifespan Of The Ductless System: Ductless systems that are tuned up have longer lifespans than those that aren’t. This adds years to its service life and increases the value of Kim’s investment.


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