Heating System Replacement In Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

boiler replacement in Stroudsburg PAHomes like this ranch style home are common in our area and in Stroudsburg. Like most ranch homes, their largest challenge is to have heat distributed evenly across the floor plan, especially if there are also split levels.

When the homeowner gave us a call, they asked for a tune-up on the heater.

We had not been out to the home before, so it was our first chance to inspect their unit. They had a 30-year-old Valiant oil boiler, like many homes in the area.

The boiler, unfortunately, needed more than a tune-up. Several parts were worn out and the boiler was leaking. Repairs were going to be very expensive, and given the age of the equipment, the homeowner asked us to discuss options for a new system.

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old boilerProblem: The homeowner called us to schedule a tune-up on their heater as a first time customer. When our technician arrived, he found the existing 30-year-old boiler was leaking and had several issues that warranted considering replacement.

Solution: Our Homeowner decided to replace the old boiler and we installed a new Energy Kinetics System 2000 EK1R boiler with a 40 gal indirect hot water heater and created 2 zones of heating for the home which should reduce their fuel costs by 50%.

Energy Kinetics Boilers

There are a lot of home heating options in our area, and there are always a lot of boilers on the market. We recommended the Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler because it combines heat and hot water in one. It can deliver virtually unlimited hot water to a family, and do so with maximum efficiency, which can save homeowners significant money on energy bills.

In fact, the Hybrid Energy recovery system in Energy Kinetics boilers can save up to 38% over similar new boilers by capturing energy at the end of a burn cycle. This extra efficiency makes the System 2000 boilers a great option for homeowners using oil for heat and hot water. 75% of the energy bill for the average home is spent on heat and hot water, so increasing the efficiency of the system can lead to immediate and substantial savings on energy bills!

One of the best things about the new Energy Kinetics System 2000 boilers is that along with a 40 gal indirect hot water tank, a home like this one can have virtually unlimited hot water. These boilers can heat up to 228 gals of water an hour. What does this mean to you?

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Energy Kinetics Boiler Advantages

energy kinetics boiler installation serviceYou will be able to get the whole family through morning showers- even your teenagers who take long showers- and never run out of hot water. You’ll be able to run the dishwasher and take a bath at the same time! These may sound like small things, but if you’ve ever been the one who is in the shower, head full of suds when the hot water runs out, unlimited hot water is a pretty great thing to have.

Our homeowner also opted to have us create two zones of heating, allowing him to control the temperature and comfort levels in different areas of the home, which can help homeowners save even more on energy bills by not having to spend money heating parts of the house that aren’t in use.

By being able to lower the temperature in areas, say during the day when the family is at work or school, we expect the homeowners can expect close to a 50% reduction in their overall fuel costs with the system this season!

While we never like to deliver the news that a current system needs replacing, we’re glad we were able to help the homeowner of this ranch home in Stroudsburg get an efficient solution that will help them save significantly on their energy bills while providing them with unlimited hot water, something that can actually help raise the value of their home.
If you’re having any problems with your current heating systems, call the experts here at R.F. Ohl. We’ll see what we can do to repair your system, and only if necessary, we can discuss and design a new system that gives you more comfort throughout your home AND will help you save money- something every homeowner can appreciate.

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