Ductless HVAC Replaces Inefficient Heating and AC in Kunkletown, PA Ranch

mitsubishi ductless installation in kunkletownA homeowner in Kunkletown PA needed to make some major changes to his heating and cooling systems. The central air in his raised ranch home broke down for good. And, his electric thermal storage heaters were no longer as energy-efficient as they used to be. Finally, he decided to invest in a Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat ductless heat and cooling system.

When he called OHL, he had plenty of options. His central air used ductwork. So, he could use a furnace with gas, propane or oil heat if he wanted. Or, he could continue using electric heat.

We worked through many options with our homeowner. The HVAC system he chose is state-of-the-art. It offers the power of a central system. But it’s much more flexible and energy-efficient.

Now, our homeowner can control the temperature separately in different parts of the house. And, he’ll see lower electric bills during both the hot and cold times of the year.

Problem: A raised ranch home in Kunkletown, PA needed a new HVAC system. The 20-year old air conditioner no longer worked. And, the electric thermal storage heaters were expensive to run and starting to fail.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless heat and cooling system with an outdoor heat pump and air handlers in the dining room, kitchen, middle room and two bedrooms with an outdoor heat pump.

Signs It’s Time To Replace An HVAC System

Our homeowner had his central air conditioner for more than two decades before it broke down for good. Meanwhile, his electric company changes their policies. That made the electric thermal storage heaters cost a lot more to run. It was time for a change.

Let’s look at the heaters first. Electrical thermal storage heaters are used when a homeowner has access to off-peak electric rates. That’s when their utility company charges much less for the energy they use at night or on the weekends.

The thermal storage heaters draw energy only during those off-peak hours. This way, it stores enough power to keep the home warm. But, it only does so when the energy is less expensive.

This worked great — until our homeowner’s utility company did away with off-peak pricing. At regular rates, the storage heaters were actually more expensive than other options.

Meanwhile, the ac finally broke down. That wasn’t a surprise given its age. Most models such as this don’t last for more than 25 years. However, there were warning signs the previous summer that the end was near for this system.

It would always run for a few minutes before producing any cold air. And, it would make odd noises while it was on.

Meanwhile, our homeowner’s electric bill climbed higher and higher in the summer. That’s because the system was using more energy than before. But, it wasn’t getting the same results.

Those bills, plus the higher rates for heat, convinced our homeowner that it was time for a change.

How Ductless Heat And Cooling Works

ductless mini-split

Ductless heat and air conditioning provide climate control for the entire house. The system, also called a mini-split, works similarly to ducts and vents. But, it doesn’t require those components. Instead, it’s easy to install, and our techs can set it up virtually anywhere in the house.

The process begins outside with a heat pump. This device uses a heat exchange system to draw heat out of the house in the summer. In the cold months, it attracts what little heat there is outside, strengthens it and sends it into the house.

From there, the treated air travels through piping. This is narrow, flexible tubing that’s less than two inches thick. It runs behind the walls in between rafters. This way, it doesn’t require an installer to tear down any walls or build out room for ductwork.

Finally, the tubes connect to panels or air handlers. These are the parts that circulate the air throughout the house. They also act as return vents, drawing in air from the home and sending it to the heat pump.

Creating Zoned Heating And Cooling

The mini-split uses panels in different places for heating and cooling in the house. This is called zoned HVAC. It eliminates hot and cold spots in the house. And, it allows them to customize their climate control.

Since the system provides heat and cool air, the same panels can provide warm or cool air. Each air handler has a thermostat. Our homeowners can set each one to the same temperature. This way, they get even climate control throughout the house.

This is different from a central system with one thermostat. In that case, it’s common for the upstairs room to remain too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. That’s because of the thermostat can only read the temp in one room. But, different spots in the house can be warmer or cooler.

Better Climate Control For Less Money With Ductless HVAC

ductless condenser
Our homeowner’s new system does a much better job of heating and cooling his home than his old one. But, it also uses much less energy. And, the less power he uses, the less he pays on his electric bill.

These systems are Energy Star-certified. They meet strict standards showing they perform as well as appliances that use much more energy. And, they do so in a few ways.

First is the heat pump. It uses a heat transfer process rather than generate heat by burning fuel. This only requires a small amount of electricity to run the machine. From there, the laws of thermodynamics do most of the work.

And, this system doesn’t let any treated air go to waste. That tubing is sealed tight enough that no air escapes between the heat pump and air handlers. This is very different from ductwork.

Next, the panels themselves do a great job of circulating the air. The quicker that heat or cool air spreads through a room, the sooner it turns off.

Finally, the zoned aspect is a great money-saver. Since each panel controls a different zone, they shut off at different times. Now, our homeowner doesn’t have to overheat the warmest rooms just to get the others up to the right temperature.

Are you looking for a more energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home? Contact us, and we’ll find a system that’s perfect for your home and your budget.