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Case Study: Mitsubishi Ductless Commercial Installation

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At R.F. Ohl, we love being able to help out other local business, so when Le Persil Bistro called us up and told us their boiler had failed, it was time to find a solution quickly. They were using a boiler for heating, as well as a window unit to cool in the summer.

One of R.F. Ohl’s experts, Jeff Lorah, went out to the Main Street Bistro in Stroudsburg. He helped them out with one condenser and one ductless mini split, which would be able to do the trick for this French Bistro. This technology is able to heat the restaurant in the winter, and ALSO cool the place off in the summer.

The boiler failed and the owners of Le Bistro Bistro wanted to know what their options were for heating. They were concerned with the expense of installing a completely new boiler system and wanted to explore alternative solutions.

Install a ductless split that will heat the Bistro in the winter, and can be used for cooling in the summer.

Stroudsburg Commercial Air Conditioning Solution

This is one of the biggest benefits of using a ductless system. The Bistro was able to get rid of their window air conditioning unit they used to use in the summer, while also cutting down their fuel usage to heat in the winter. They will primarily use the new ductless system for both purposes now, allowing them to have a year-round solution.
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They will also see lower energy bills using this ductless system. Ductless heating and cooling is an energy efficient solution and most people and businesses that use it see dramatic savings from their old systems. There you have it! The Bistro is now ready for whatever the weather brings any time of year. So if you are in Stroudsburg and want to enjoy a crepe in a cozy French bistro, you know that Le Persil Bistro is the place to go!

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