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When your whole house water filter is malfunctioning, you can trust the professionals at R.F. Ohl. We offer water filter installations and repairs for homeowners throughout the Poconos and the Lehigh Valley. We have experience finding the best solutions to repair different makes and models of home water treatment systems.

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When you notice discoloration of your water, your water tastes bad, or a drop in pressure, then these are signs that you need a filter system repair. No one wants to lose the advantages that come out of an investment like this, so be sure to call us right away.

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Water Filter Installations

Water is vital to our survival. Therefore, a whole house water installation is a great move towards improving your health. R.F. Ohl offers fast water filter installations throughout Carbon County and the Lehigh Valley. Contact R.F. Ohl today to schedule a free consultation.

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Call us to discuss your water filtration needs. Call (610) 377-1098 today.

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If you have ever wondered about the benefits of a whole house water filter system, we are here to explain them. More likely than not, if you are researching whole house water filters you are not satisfied with your current water situation. So what are the benefits?

When your home’s drinking water leaves the treatment plant, it travels long distances through underground pipe systems. During this travel, the water may pick up a host of different contaminants. When a plumber installs a whole house water filter, you will feel confident that the water filter will protect you from the following pollutants.

Lead: When water leaves a treatment plant, it’s treated for and removed of any excess levels of lead. But when water passes through old pipe systems as we saw in Flint Michigan, devastating consequences can arise. Lead consumption daily can create kidney and blood pressure problems in people and can be much more deadly to children and elderly.

Aluminum: Aluminum in excess can cause skin problems and even Alzheimer’s disease. Most water is treated for it, but specific areas contain more aluminum than others.

Chlorine: If you’ve noticed your skin drying out more in the winter, it’s likely because of high chlorine levels in the water. Whole house water filters can decrease the amount of chlorine in your water by upwards of 97%.

Not everything in your water system is harmful or going to hurt your health. But depending on where you live, your water can have more calcium, magnesium, aluminum, chlorine, or lead than ordinary water. If rust gets in your water, you may just taste the difference and not have any adverse side effects. With a whole house water filter, your water will feel different, and all of the beverages you use water for will taste different. Users of whole house water filter systems have even reported a difference in their baking and cooking when they use filtered water.

A plumber easily installs whole house water filters. These devices require very little maintenance. Sediment filters that prevent rust and other sediment materials from contaminating your water need to be changed every three to six months. The Post-Filter needs to be switched out every nine to twelve months.

If you want to improve the quality, taste and appearance of your water, a whole house water filter system is the best option. All of the water coming into your home will now be filtered through a high-quality filtration system to ensure your family is not drinking anything that could be contaminated. If you live in a more urban city area, it is recommended that you install a carbon filtration system to remove odor, chlorine, and other sediments. A whole house water softener is necessary if you have too much calcium or magnesium. In this situation, you’ll notice a white substance on your dishes after they have been run through the dishwasher. A whole house water filtration system will help eliminate this.

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