Heating System Replacement In Kunkletown PA

kunkletown Pennsylvania boiler installationThe owners of this 109-year-old farmhouse in Kunkletown were having a problem with their boiler.

The boiler was installed in the 1960s and was definitely showing its age. The homeowners gave us a call here at R.F. Ohl to take a look at it since they noticed they were spending more and more money on oil but hadn’t really changed their use of heat and hot water very much.

On inspection, it turned out that the old DynaTherm boiler had critical safety issues with cracked combustion liners that could have caused very serious problems for the family.

They needed a new boiler installation for their Kunkletown PA home.

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energy kinetics boilerProblem: The homeowners had an old boiler that had cracked combustion liners. This presents various issues. It is a safety issue for the family. Also, the boiler would not have the capacity to properly

keep the home warm or provide hot water.

Solution: The homeowners replaced their old boiler with a newer, more efficient Energy Kinetics EKL frontier boiler with an indirect hot water. This will give them the comfort that they need to stay warm throughout the winter. Also, they will have an endless supply of hot water. The homeowners have made a great investment in the future comfort of their home.

Energy Kinetics Boilers

We sat down with them to look at cost-effective replacements that would meet all their needs. They wanted to stay with oil heat, but wanted to make sure the new system was efficient and not break the bank on installation, or in operation! We recommended the Energy Kinetics EKL frontier boiler with indirect hot water. This system integrates a boiler for heat, but also an indirect tank for hot water, combining both needs in one unit.

The system is designed to only turn on when the thermostat gets a call for heat or hot water, so you can save significant energy by not keeping a tank of hot water warm all the time, or keeping a pilot light going all the time. Additionally, this unit does something great after the call for heat shuts off- it uses the residual heat and “purges” it into the hot water system or the room, to help maximize efficiency. This post-purge system can end up reducing oil costs by up to 40% for some customers, which means much more efficient and affordable heat and hot water for these homeowners, significantly reducing their energy bills!

We added a new thermostat to help control the system and a new chimney liner as well. This new boiler will run at a lower temperature which can use a smaller outdoor chimney, but because it could be subject to condensation and corrosion, the chimney liner will reduce the wear and tear on the chimney, extending its life significantly.

We are so pleased to be able to help these homeowners to get an affordable, long-term solution to their heat and hot water issues. The first most important concern was the safety issue of course. But the most satisfying part of replacing the old equipment is increasing the efficiency of their system. We’ll save the homeowners of this 109-year-old farmhouse considerable money each year by reducing their energy bills, something every homeowner can appreciate!

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