Lehighton Generator Contractor Gives The Confidence Of Power.

Protect your home, regardless of the weather.

R.F. Ohl provided the ultimate power solutions for your home or business with backup Honeywell generators.

  • Solutions to protect your home and family during power outages and storms.
  • Solutions to continue living normally even when the power company can’t provide electricity to the general public.
  • Solutions to have fun at home while others are in the dark.

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Honeywell backup generator
Honeywell Backup Generator Products

You can count on Honeywell to be on the leading edge of backup power solutions to meet our customer’s needs. R.F. Ohl is based in Lehighton. Generator installations are performed within our entire installation area.

A perfect example is their 22 Kilowatt Air Cooled home standby generator. Learn more about the most popular styles we install in homes.

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Never Be Left In The Dark

Be prepared for power outages with a backup generator.


Automatic Operation

When the local power company has problems and the power in your neighborhood is interrupted, your Honeywell home backup generator will automatically turn on. Whether you’re home or away.

Power Directly to Your Home

Your home backup generator is permanently installed. No need to run extension cords through a window or door to a portable generator! Your Honeywell generator safely delivers power right to your home’s electrical panel.

Refueling Not Necessary

Your Honeywell home backup electrical generator runs on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. You’ll never have to deal with gas cans or manually refilling your generator!

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