Airtemp Ductless Install Project For A Lehighton Pennsylvania Home

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The Marsh family realized that they had to do something about their heating and air-conditioning system as soon as possible. The seasons change very quickly in Lehighton, PA. Whether it’s really cold or really hot outside, a homeowner needs an HVAC system that they can count on to keep them cool or warm, depending on the season.

As upstanding residents living in Lehighton, PA, they needed to hire an HVAC company that they could trust. That’s where R. F. Ohl came into the picture. We have a great reputation in this community, and we always go above and beyond and make sure we take care of our customers.

After making this discovery, the Marsh family contacted R. F. Ohl and told us about their problem. They told us that they needed to replace their current HVAC system immediately because they were selling their home.

At this time, they only had window A/C units and pellet stoves cooling and heating their home. They needed a much better primary heating source to appeal to potential buyers, so we stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Our technician visited their home to assess the situation. Based on what he discovered, he recommended installing a new Airtemp 2-Zone ductless system to replace the inefficient heating and air-conditioning systems currently in place. Keep reading to explore this ductless HVAC installation Lehighton PA case study.

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Problem: The Marsh family decided it was time to move, and they wanted to sell their home. They only had wood pellet stoves heating their home, which isn’t necessarily efficient or very appealing to potential homebuyers. They called R. F. Ohl and asked for our help to fix this unappealing situation.

Solution: Our HVAC tech visited their home to properly assess their needs. He determined that the Marsh home would benefit tremendously from an Airtemp 2 Zone Ductless System to appease potential buyers and meet their heating and air-conditioning needs.

Lehighton HVAC Installation: Overview

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Since the Marsh residence only had wood pellet stoves heating parts of the home, our technician realized the homeowners needed an efficient multi-zone system that could heat the entire house. And as an added bonus, it could also cool the entire house as well. They could get rid of the inefficient window units immediately because the Airtemp system would meet all of their heating and cooling needs.

R. F. Ohl recommended the Airtemp ductless mini split system because it was the perfect choice to meet their heating and air-conditioning needs. It can:

  • Deliver High Energy Efficiency – This mini split system offers a wide range of heating and cooling capacities due to the G10 inverter compressor. It provides maximum comfort while lowering energy expenses.
  • Operate With Quiet Consistency – It contains a two-stage inverter Rotary compressor that operates at variable fan speeds. This keeps the noise to an absolute minimum and also lowers energy expenses by reducing energy consumption.
  • Appear Subtle In The Home Without Ruining The Decor – This wall unit is mounted indoors, but it’s designed in a way to blend into the background. You’ll hardly even notice the slim compact cabinet hanging in your living space. It’s inconspicuous and fits well with all interior designs.

From a sales perspective, the energy efficiency, quiet consistency, and subtle presence are all major reasons why potential new homeowners would love a heating and air-conditioning system like this one from Airtemp.

The Marsh family made the right call, choosing R. F. Ohl to help them meet their heating and air-conditioning needs.

For starters, R. F. Ohl has nearly four decades of experience working in the HVAC business in Lehighton, PA, in the surrounding area. Our team consistently surpasses all of our client’s expectations day in and day out. That’s why we currently have a perfect A + rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Even better, we are in perfect standing with the Better Business Bureau, and we are an accredited company. This means we stand up to their rigorous scrutiny and meet all of their incredibly high standards. They know that we are a highly-respected company in the area that’s willing to go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

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Airtemp Heating & Cooling Install In Lehighton Pennsylvania

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The Airtemp 2 Zone Ductless System (GXH24FMK4DH) is exactly what the Marsh family was looking for when they contacted us. They wanted an affordable option that would do an excellent job heating their home in the winter. This would impress potential homebuyers and make their property more appealing.

We recommended this Airtemp unit for many reasons. Our favorite reasons for choosing this particular product include:

  • SEER Rating: this ductless heat pump and the mini split system are highly efficient, to say the least. It has a 16 SEER rating. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. A 16 SEER ratio is a good rating that means homeowners can save as much as 50% on their energy bills.
  • 7-Year Compressor Warranty: Airtemp believes in their products so much that they are willing to back them up with a seven-year compressor warranty. This means that if your compressor were to burn out within the first seven years, for any reason, they would replace it for you for free.
  • 5-Year Parts Warranty: Once again, Airtemp has really outdone itself. If any of the parts of your air conditioner were to break or burn out during the first five years, they would replace these parts for free. They know that their products are made of outstanding quality, which is why they are willing to back them up with such a strong warranty.
  • Wireless Remote Control: This convenient feature makes it simple to control the temperature of your heating, and air-conditioning Mini Split system anywhere in the home. The remote control gives you access to changing the settings with the greatest of ease and total convenience. It even has a child lock, which is a great function to prevent little fingers from changing the temperature when you aren’t looking!
  • Self-Diagnostics: We particularly appreciate this feature because there is a computer built into the mini split system. It delivers real-time diagnostics data. This is important because this information can preserve and prolong the life of the unit. It scans for all functions and errors continually while the system is operating. It will display error codes that facilitate the need for repairs or further troubleshooting.

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Why You Should Replace Your Outdated Heating & Air Conditioning System In Lehighton?

Replacing an older HVAC system is a major expense, and homeowners know this. That’s why they’ll attempt to extend the life of their current system as long as possible. Is this the best idea? In many instances, the homeowner would be much better off replacing their older HVAC system with a new, upgraded model. When is the ideal time? What reasons should I consider to make the ultimate determination that it’s time to replace the old system once and for all?

Here are reasons things to consider:

Your HVAC System Requires Repairs Too Frequently

image of an hvac contractor repairing an old air conditioner

At this stage, it’s quite evident that your heating and air conditioning system is completely declining. You have to call the HVAC repair company all too often to properly heat or cool your home. More than likely, your HVAC system is going to break down entirely sooner rather than later. Instead of paying a repair person to hold it together for a little while longer, bite the bullet and replace it while saving money by avoiding needless repairs.

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You Have An Older HVAC Unit – 10 Years Old Or Older

This may seem like a perfectly acceptable air conditioner if it still working without too many problems. Did you consider that a 10-year-old or older HVAC system is likely energy inefficient? You should upgrade to a highly efficient model with the Energy Star label. You can cut down on heating and air-conditioning costs by as much as 20% and avoid the inevitable repairs that are coming your way in a few years anyway.

Your Old Air Conditioning Unit Potentially Uses R-22


In the old days, air-conditioners cooled homes by using R 22 coolant. Lots of older air-conditioning units are still in existence today, and they still use this outdated type of R-22 coolant. According to the most recent government legislation, new air-conditioning units use a different refrigeration type entirely.

They are now using R410A, which is much cheaper and easier to find than the outdated R22 that you shouldn’t be using any longer anyway. Why? Because it’s a danger to the environment and it has contributed to ozone layer depletion. Trust us when we tell you that replacing an old air conditioner using this type of refrigerant is better for you, your family, and the earth as a whole.

Are you ready to upgrade your older HVAC system? Call R. F. Ohl today to get a free quote or schedule a consultation.

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Why Choose Ductless Heating & Cooling In Lehighton?

Installing an Airtemp 2 Zone Ductless System in the Marsh home was a real no-brainer. It’s way more energy-efficient than the wood pellet stoves that they were using prior. And it can cool or heat the entire house, as opposed to localized window air-conditioning units that only cool small rooms or small sections of their home.

Plus, they were planning to sell their home. This ductless mini split system is much more appealing to potential buyers than pellet stoves and window air-conditioning units. It’s brand-new, energy-efficient, has a high SEER rating, a built-in remote control, and a diagnostic system that catches problems before they turn into major complications.

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