Ductless Heating And Cooling Installation In Effort, PA

ductless heating and cooling installation Effort PAHave you ever dreamed about the perfect retirement? The homeowners of this home are getting ready for a perfect one for them.

While they still live in New York, they’ve purchased this super home in Effort, PA- in the heart of the Poconos, with State game lands and the Nature Conservancy’s Long Pond preserve nearby, as the place they want to retire.

It’s important to them to make sure the home will meet their needs for many years to come, and the electric baseboard heating and no air conditioning were going to be a problem. They called R.F. Ohl to find a solution. After inspecting their home, our technician decided that a Mitsubishi ductless system was a perfect match for their heating and cooling needs.


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mitsubishi hyper heat mini split systemProblem: Our homeowners were looking to make their dream retirement home comfortable- and make sure that they had efficient comfort that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg in energy bills when they eventually moved to a fixed income. The home was heated with expensive to run electric baseboards and had no air conditioning at all.

Solution: Install Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat H2i heat pump system with wall mounted ductless units that provide both heating and cooling with the touch of a button. The eight zones of comfort will make every space in the home- including the attic and the garage comfortable and will allow each zone to be customized to the perfect temperature. This will ensure their dream home will be perfectly comfortable both now, and when they decide to retire, providing the efficient and affordable comfort they crave.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Electric baseboard heating can be really expensive, especially in a home where you need to heat close to 3000 square feet of space on multiple floors. And even in the Poconos, summers are getting hotter and stickier, so arrangements for reliable air conditioning is important. And most of all, in retirement, we will all live on a fixed income. It becomes even more important, looking ahead, to make sure the homeowners chose the perfect comfort solution that would be efficient, save them money on energy bills now- and in the future- in the Winter and Summer.

When the homeowners called us up at R.F. Ohl, they knew the last thing they wanted to do was try to retrofit the home with ductwork to install a typical central heat and air system. Looking at their needs, we knew that Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat system would be perfect for them.

Mitsubishi’s system can be ducted- or ductless making it extremely flexible, and perfect for a home like this one. Hyper Heat systems can provide both heating and cooling through each wall-mounted unit. The heat-pump system uses new inverter technology, where it can provide heat even when it’s -13 degrees outside- that’s colder than we ever see it here in Pennsylvania, even in the Mountains. The system then essentially can reverse the system in warmer weather, providing state of the art air conditioning and humidity control during the Summer. Best of all, each unit can be controlled separately by a remote control, making it easy to adjust the temperature to where you like it most in the rooms in use, while not wasting money heating and cooling empty rooms.

The homeowners wanted to make this home their perfect get-away with their kids now- and the perfect place to retire, and host grandkids down the line. They opted to install a total of eight wall-mounted ductless units throughout their home, hooked up to two outdoor heat pumps in order to make this a whole-home solution that would last them for years to come.

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Whole Home Comfort

In opting for a whole home solution, the experts here at RF Ohl had to deal with a few challenges. The homeowners wanted to make sure they had adequate heating and cooling for their third-floor attic space where they were contemplating an exercise room, bedroom or other special use space, so we needed to make sure that space was as comfortable as the rest of the home, but maintained flexibility for future sub-dividing. The homeowner needed all of the bedrooms and the kitchen, dining room, and the living room was comfortable and adjustable as needed, and he wanted to make sure his garage got the same level of comfort, where he enjoys spending time, working on projects.

The variety of spaces and air circulation needed would have been a real challenge for a traditional central air system that relies on ductwork, not to mention the mess and cost involved in retrofitting a home for ductwork. Ductless units, mounted on the wall are out of the way, and they provide air circulation and humidity control throughout a space- making sure you don’t get those annoying hot and cold spots most homes get.

The Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pump system works so well and is so energy efficient, most homeowners notice a marked reduction in heating bills during the first season. And even better, by creating the different zones in the home with each wall-mounted unit, the homeowners will be able to turn the system on or off in rooms as they need it, reducing the energy most homes waste by trying to heat or cool every room to the same temperature at the same time. Why would you want to spend all that money on energy cooling bedrooms in the middle of the summer during the day, if no one’s using them?

And to make it an even better deal, we were able to help with no interest financing for a year- same as cash, making it even more affordable to get world-class comfort with a 12-year warranty, that will easily ensure these homeowners have the affordable comfort they need for their retirement.


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