10 Silent Warnings Of Plumbing Problems In The Home

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Have you ever tried to fall asleep only to be bothered continuously by the sound of a running toilet or a dripping faucet? If you have, these are signs of an existing or developing plumbing issue. But what if there are no annoying noises at all? How will you be able to tell that plumbing problems exist? Read on to discover 10 silent alerts of major plumbing problems in your home.

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10 Silent Warnings Of Plumbing Problems In Your Home

Following, we’re sharing several signs to watch out for. If you ever noticed any of these developments, get in touch with a professional plumber right away.

Discolored Plumbing Pipes

Examine your plumbing pipes for evidence of discoloration. If anything seems amiss, then there’s probably excess moisture in the area. This could be due to a sink drip, a drain line, or a much more serious problem like a supply line leak. A leaky supply line is something that you definitely want to take care of right away. Because it’s pressurized, a slow leak can quickly turn into a disaster. With problems like this one, you want to contact a professional plumber immediately.

Sewer Odors

image of a homeowner plugging nose due strong sewer odor in house

Every drain in plumbing must have a trap, and every trap has to have a vent. Drains and traps exist to prevent sewer gas from entering your home. Sewer odors travel through the vents to the roof, and then drain traps act as an effective “water plug”. This way, sewer odors aren’t able to seep into the living environment via the sink drain. If you can smell sewer gases in your home, there’s either a broken vent line or a trap that’s run dry. Dried traps are easy to fix, you simply need to refill them with water. It’s important to check them for leaks as well. Given that they’re usually located in walls, fixing cracked sewer vents can prove far more challenging.

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Green Patches In Your Yard

One common sign of sewer problems is when one portion of the lawn is noticeably greener than all others. If there’s a bright green patch between your house and street, this probably because this is the most likely path for the sewer line. You may even notice sunken areas in your yard if you’ve got a leaky sewer drain. Excess fluids cause the dirt to become compacted. Invasive weeds and tree roots, and degrading materials can be responsible for this, and the silent damages that your plumbing system sustain should be taken care of right away.

Low Water Flow In Several Locations

low water pressure

Slow stream or low water pressure indicates a problem in distribution. If it’s only in a single location, it’s easy to resolve. This could mean that the faucet aerator has a problem. However, if the water pressure is low in several areas, you’ve got a much bigger problem on your hands. Start by checking your hot water heater, the supply line, and the water main. If you have both low water pressure and another one of the problems on this less, you should get a professional plumber on the job fast.

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No Water During The Winter

If during winter, your water pressure drops significantly or if the water stops flowing altogether, this likely means that the pipes have frozen. Frozen water pipes are a big issue and one that you should deal with immediately.

This problem frequently occurs in homes with supply lines in the attics, through crawlspaces, or in other areas that aren’t heated. One of the biggest problems with having pipes freeze is the thawing process given that the ice is basically a plug. This is keeping water from rushing out. If you believe that your pipes have frozen, troubleshoot the issue carefully and get ready to deal with a leak. In some instances, pipes can thaw without causing any major, secondary problems, such as when pipes are copper, but this isn’t like to happen a second time. A frozen pipe situation like this one needs to be remedied right away.

Bubbling Wall Paint Or Ceiling

image of a ceiling water leak

When paint or ceilings begin to bubble, this indicates that there’s excess moisture present. A leaky roof or a leak within the plumbing system are the most likely cause. You should definitely call a plumber if you have blistering or bubbling paint, or a brown spot on your ceiling.

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Dramatic Increases In Your Water Bills

Any sudden or significant increase in your water bills means that something within your plumbing system has changed. If you haven’t taken any steps that might cause increased water use, you should look for a leak. Plumbing professionals are skilled in finding hidden leaks.

One of the most common problems to cause dramatic spikes in water use is a running toilet. Most consumers aren’t aware of just how much water a toilet can use. It’s not uncommon for a single running toilet to was hundreds of dollars. This makes it important to have toilet leaks fix by your plumber right away.


A Slow-Moving Drain

A slow-moving drain is a very obvious sign of plumbing problems. Depending upon the location of the issue, it may be easy to fix or it may require professional attention. With a quick inspection, you should be able to determine the source of the issue. Fixing a simple clog can be really straightforward, but slow drains are often an indication of major trouble.

The Toilet Is Wobbly

image of a homeowner flushing toilet

A wobbly toilet is another indicator of problems. Hopefully, you can quickly fix this by simply tightening the seat. However, if the toilet bowl itself is wobbling, you’ll want to look at the floor boils. If these bolts are tight, the seal around the toilet may have failed. When this is the case, you’ll need to have a plumber either replace or reseat your toilet.

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The Water Is A Shocking Color

One easy way to tell that you’ve got plumbing problems is when the faucet water is noticeably discolored. Sometimes brown or cloudy water are due to air within the pipes, however, yellow water means that you’ve got issues with rust. Although less common, green-tinted water indicates corrosion in your pipes. All of these changes in water color mean that your plumbing system needs to be inspected by a plumber as soon as possible.

Also, if you have a water softener in your home and are noticing more discoloration or mineral build-up, it is probably time to have your water softener professionally maintained.

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