Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Water Heater

water heaterWater heating accounts for approximately 18% of the energy bills in the average American household, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). As a result, this number makes up a significant portion of overall heating costs.

To help keep costs down, more homeowners should consider taking the necessary steps to ensure their water heater runs as efficiently as possible.

Make Your Home’s Water Heater More Efficient With Water Heater Maintenance North Weissport PA

Significantly reducing your water heating costs can be achieved by just following the steps below. These tips will help you improve the efficiency of your home’s water heating system.

Have Your Water Tank Flushed Out

Naturally-occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium will accumulate over time in your water tank. Left unattended, an excessive amount of sediment buildup will lead to your water heater becoming less energy efficient.

To make matters worse, the sediment buildup can lead to diminished water supply due to clogged pipes, which can also cause inconsistent water temperatures. If the accumulation causes your tank to be clogged altogether, things can become downright dangerous. The pressurized contents of your tank run the risk of an explosion.

To avoid these problems, have a qualified plumber flush out your water heater’s tank regularly. If you live in a location with hard water, you can also invest in a water softener to help reduce both mineral buildup and limescale.

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Be Sure To Insulate Your Water Heating System

hot water heater serviceYou can minimize heat loss as hot water flows through your water heating system by insulating your water pipes. The DOE suggests that you raise your water temperature by two and four degrees Fahrenheit just by insulating your hot water pipes alone. In turn, doing so allows you to turn down the thermostat on your hot water tank, saving on energy costs.

Also, insulating your water pipes will help prevent them from freezing during the winter. For safety reasons, it’s essential to use fiberglass pipe-wrap if your water pipes are within eight inches of the flue. Fiberglass pipe-wrap should be at least an inch thick without coating. If you have a tank-style heater, consider insulating the tank as well.

Insulated blankets serve as a smart, cost-effective way to insulate your water heater tank, particularly tanks that do not have strong insulation on their own. If your hot water tank is old, poorly insulated, or has an R-value of less than 25, you should consider the use of insulated blankets. Even better, in addition to being a more economy-friendly option, tank blankets can help reduce heat loss by 45%. Just as with having the tank flushed, it is essential to call a plumber to install any form of insulation to ensure that it is done safely and correctly.

Fix Any Leaks In Your Hot Water System

Any leaks in your water system will likely affect the efficiency of your home’s water heater. Have a reputable plumber check for leaks in your hot water plumbing system. If necessary, carry out any needed repairs. In particular, your plumber will inspect the entirety of your home’s hot water system, including both the pressure relief valves, the anode rod, and the temperature gauge. They will also likely inspect your plumbing fixtures such as shower heads and faucets.

Leaks in your water system will cause your water heater to work harder to supply hot water throughout your home. Much of that water will be wasted wherever there are leaks. Reducing the amount of work your water heater has to do will make it run more efficiently overall.

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Conserve Hot Water To Preserve Your Hot Water Heater

One of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s water heater is to reduce the amount of hot water you consume. To put it simply, the less water you use, the less energy that is required to heat water.

You can achieve this goal by installing water-efficient appliances such as a tankless water heater. You can also reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower. Use the economy setting on your dishwasher, or other appliances, that make use of pulling hot water from your pipes. Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or while lathering your hands with soap. You can also turn down the thermostat on your water heater, ensuring that it does not heat your water above a certain temperature.

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RF Ohl logoEnergy costs, and particularly water heating costs, are generally high across the United States. Conserving hot water and fixing any leaks in your hot water plumbing system can go a long way toward improving the efficiency of your home’s water heater. Also, you should see about having your water heater tank flushed out and having the system properly insulated by a licensed professional.

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