Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing

frozen plumbing pipesThe cold months of winter can cause your plumbing to be affected by multiple problems. Frozen pipes are among the most common ones.

Frozen pipes cause the entire plumbing system to malfunction. For example, you will not be able to flush the toilet, and the inlet pipe attached to the water heater could become frozen, preventing water from getting to the heater and through the taps. Additionally, all the showerheads and faucets in the house will be dry as a result of the frozen pipes.

While a lack of water can be incredibly inconvenient, frozen pipes can cause water damage in your home. After water becomes frozen, its volume increases. As such, they can burst or crack due to the increased size.

It is essential for every homeowner to know how to keep the pipes from freezing during the winter season as this is a significant problem that could impact anyone.

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Tips On Preventing Water Pipes From Freezing & Frozen Pipe Repair Jim Thorpe PA

Leave Cold Water Faucets To Drip

dripping faucetPerhaps, this is the most useful thing that you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing. All that is required is opening a faucet in your bathroom sink or kitchen sink and allowing it to drip. Even a dribble of water from the faucets, as long as it is continuous, can stop your pipes from freezing.

Ensure Your Garage Doors Are Kept Shut

If there is any water pipe running through your garage, be sure to keep your garage doors closed to prevent your pipes from freezing. As soon as you park your car, shut the doors and keep it closed until the vehicle is in use again.

Be Consistent With The Thermostat Settings

Among the best methods of saving money on heating bills is by setting the thermostat a bit lower during the night as your bedding can help to keep you warm and cozy. However, this tactic could result in frozen pipes. Therefore, the thermostat setting should be at a consistent temperature both day and night.

When Away, Set The Thermostat To 55 Degrees Fahrenheit

If you will be away from your home for an extended period, setting your thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial. Doing so will safeguard your pipes against freezing and bursting.

Proper plumbing design and installation can assist in reducing the possibility of frozen pipes. As such, plumbing design and installation should be done by the most qualified plumbers. If the pipes in your home freeze, you should call a knowledgeable plumber to thaw the pipes.

A do-it-yourself approach could have far-reaching consequences. Experienced plumbers have extensive knowledge in dealing with a vast array of plumbing issues. Therefore, you should always call in a professional plumber whenever a plumbing problem arises at home. An experienced and licensed plumber has the ability to handle the problem effectively.

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Strengthen Insulation In Areas Of Your Home

insulationTo preserve high temperatures in attics, basements and crawl spaces and to prevent the pipes from freezing, ensure the insulation in these spaces are reinforced. Additionally, be sure to seal all openings and cracks around window frames and doors to prevent drafts.

Open Cabinet Doors In The Bathroom & Kitchen To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Typically, bathroom and kitchen cabinets conceal a lot of plumbing. The air inside the bathroom and kitchen is usually heated. Therefore, opening the cabinet doors will assist in warming up the pipes and preventing them from becoming frozen. If you typically keep chemical supplies such as cleaners in the cabinets, make sure you put them somewhere safe so that children will not be able to get to them.

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