5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

image of the words fact myths depicting hvac myths about services and care

Having the right information means you can make wise choices. However, if you rely on false information, you might have to suffer the consequences down the line. There are many wrong ideas regarding HVAC system care or services. This article discusses a few of the HVAC service myths you should know of.

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5 Things To Check On The HVAC System When Buying A New Home

image of a house for sale depicting buying a house with an old hvac unit

When buying a home, you need to ensure that the property you purchase is in good condition. You certainly don’t want to invest in a property that comes with a lot of problems. An aspect to consider is the heating and cooling system. This article discusses what to check on the HVAC equipment.

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Smoke Coming From Vents When AC Is On

air conditioning vent with ac unit that is blowing smoke

The cooling system is crucial in maintaining your family’s home comfort. However, like any machinery, an air conditioner will experience an issue from time to time, especially as it ages. For example, you may notice smoke coming out of the vents. This article helps you determine the potential causes of this problem.

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Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

image of a confused hvac contractor performing an hvac installation

New HVAC systems improve our lives, especially in comfort, efficiency, energy costs, and more. However, it becomes a nightmare when you’re facing an improper HVAC installation. Your system will require frequent repairs, or worse, an early replacement. This article discusses some common HVAC installation mistakes and how to avoid them from happening to you.

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Ongoing Increases With HVAC Expenses Mean Higher Costs For You

image of a couple paying high hvac equipment costs due to inflation

Another beautiful May has begun, and summer is right around the corner. Your air conditioner is patiently waiting for you to turn it on, at which point, it will probably run, more or less, nonstop until October. Over the last several years, you noticed your AC was not performing as efficiently as it was in…

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