Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Standby Generator

image of electrical storm depicting backup generator use

Standby generators help us maintain our everyday home routines when inconvenient power outages happen. Therefore, you should ensure that your backup generator is in good condition to prevent unreliable performance. In this article, we discuss some of the tell-tale signs that you are due for a standby generator replacement.

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Tips For Standby Generator Maintenance

generac whole-house generator

Although you may be connected to the grid, you may still need a generator to power your lights, appliances, and more during a power outage. However, you shouldn’t just store a whole-house generator in the corner of your home. It requires regular checks and maintenance to stay in good working condition.

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What Is A Standby Generator?

honeywell standby generators for a home

Households can typically go through five outages in a year. How long they take will depend on the underlying cause and the utility companies’ agility. Most people have to wait until the power comes back, while others get a standby generator to get through the outage. This article answers “What is a standby generator?”

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How Does A Generator Work?

image of R.F. Ohl technician installaing whole-house generator

The progress towards access to reliable power has come a long way. However, this doesn’t mean that power grids are perfect. Power failures, that last days and even weeks, can and still do happen for one reason or another. This article discusses a common question asked by many, “How does a generator work?”.

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How To Size A Standby Generator?

honeywell whole-house generators

Generators power your home when there is a blackout or if you live in an area where the power supply isn’t available. They come in different types, and each has its respective wattage and requirements. With this, many ask us “How to size a standby generator?”. In this article, we answer this common question.

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