Warning Signs: Is Your Home Suffering from Water Pressure Issues?

low water pressure from showerhead

Water pressure is essential in homes, impacting activities from showers, and laundry to gardening. However, incorrect water pressure, either too low or high, causes problems affecting tasks, appliance efficiency, and plumbing lifespan. This article explores signs of water pressure issues and offers expert guidance for homeowners to address them effectively.

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Questions To Ask Your Plumber After Repair

Usually, after a plumbing repair is done, grateful homeowners typically bid their plumber goodbye. However, homeowners should take the opportunity to ask their plumber some repair questions. Inquiring about specific concerns related to the services provided can lead to a better understanding of the plumbing system and promote ongoing care.

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4 Things to Try if Your Toilet is Continuously Running

image of toilet with money due to toilet leak

A toilet leak wastes many gallons of clean water. In most cases, the main reason behind a leaky toilet is its water tank. It requires an easy do-it-yourself repair. However, you need to have a general idea of how to go about it. This article shares some tips on addressing a leaking toilet.

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Is Your Toilet Running Up The Water Bill?

image of a homeowner flushing money down the toilet depicting water costs and running toilet

Your hard-earned money shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet with excessive water bills. If your water meter has a sudden consumption increase, you might have a leaking toilet or a running toilet. This article discusses how to determine if you have a toilet leak at home and the best way to resolve it.

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Freaky Creatures That Can Crawl Up Your Toilet

rat in toilet

The toilet is one of the few places that allows you to have a few minutes to yourself despite the fast-paced world outside. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a hundred percent safe, as animals can crawl through the plumbing system and make their way up to your toilet bowl. This article discusses the most common animals that utilize your toilet as an entryway to your home.

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