What Is A Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?

Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

Ductless systems are becoming more popular across the US. Their higher efficiency, zoning capability, low noise levels, and better indoor air quality are hard to ignore. A lot of homeowners are thinking about a shift from their traditional system to this newer HVAC technology. If you are one of them, then consider using Mitsubishi ductless solutions. Mitsubishi is well-known for its dedication to quality across various industries. This certainly holds true for their heating and cooling equipment. As for the ductless installation, don’t settle for just any service provider. Make it a point to select a Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor like R.F. Ohl, who has undergone specialized training via the Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor program.

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Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor Training

HVAC installation has a massive effect on system performance, efficiency, reliability, and durability. You can’t just get great parts. You need people who can install every component in your home the right way. It’s a difficult job given all of the differences between models from various manufacturers.

Mitsubishi started its Diamond Contractor program to train HVAC professionals in handling their latest equipment. Participants learn about best practices and new technologies. They get access to information that other contractors don’t know about. They also obtain special tools to help them provide the best services possible to their customers.

Why Homeowners Should Choose A Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

1. Customer Education

mitsubishi heating and cooling systemThe complexity of HVAC systems can be intimidating for homeowners. They find it hard to make decisions about going ductless since they don’t know enough about the subject. In addition, they might not be aware of what they should expect from this kind of design. They are likely to have numerous questions that they want to ask. Preferred Diamond Contractors can help bridge the knowledge gap. Thanks to their special training, they are able to explain concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Their product knowledge will allow them to answer relevant questions with ease.

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2. Ductless HVAC Equipment Selection

It all starts with ductless equipment selection. The best HVAC contractors will not just go with the trends or the rules of thumb when making recommendations. Instead, they will consider how performance can be affected by room size, layout, orientation, and other factors. They will do calculations to figure out what system size fits each home. In addition, they will ask about customer goals and needs so they can point them in the right direction. They will explain why certain models are great options given all of the system requirements. Customers are then empowered to make informed decisions.


3. Additional Savings

Aside from excellent product knowledge, Diamond Contractors are also knowledgeable about local energy programs. Governments are encouraging the use of eco-friendly HVAC systems through rebates and tax breaks. Additional discounts may also be availed from ongoing promos and other sources. Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond contractors can make suggestions to save customers significant amounts of money. This should reduce the cost of the new installation to keep everything within the customer’s budget. By getting the most energy-efficient options, people can also expect lower monthly bills thanks to their lower energy consumption.

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4. Fast Ductless Installation

image of an hvac contractor installing a ductless mini-split system

People are often concerned about how long it would take to complete the installation. As much as they want a better HVAC system, they don’t want the household to experience terrible disruption. After all, many are now working and studying in their own homes. It would be ideal for the process to finish fast. They want to resume normalcy quickly so that their focus and productivity won’t suffer. Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors have the expertise for rapid and reliable installations. Online requests get replies within minutes. Initial appointments can be booked on the same day or the next day.

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5. Expert Execution

Other contractors might do a decent job with the installation at first glance. However, closer inspection will reveal that their work is far from perfect. Small issues can gradually develop into major problems down the road. If you want to squeeze the best possible performance from the system, then give the job to certified experts in ductless installations. Only then can you be sure that your installation will be faultless. This will save you a lot of headaches for years to come. You will also enjoy using your HVAC system more as it will work exactly as intended.

6. Product Warranty

hvac warrantyAnother solid reason to opt for Preferred Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors is that they can provide product warranties with a higher standard than the industry average. Most places will only be able to cover the compressor for seven years and the other parts for five years. Mitsubishi is much more confident in its products, especially when these are installed by its certified Diamond Contractors. They can provide as much as 12 years of coverage for both the parts and the compressor. This is valid for installations in single-family homes with units that have been registered within 90 days.

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7. Design Software

Mitsubishi wants to make sure that its customers have the best experience with their HVAC equipment. The company provides Diamond Contractors with specially developed design software for guidance during installation. This gives additional assurance that line lengths are just right, that the units link up well, and that the resulting system is valid according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Final Words

Mitsubishi has high standards for both products and people. You can’t go wrong with the brand, especially with an industry-leading warranty. If you are getting their ductless systems, then have a certified Preferred Diamond Contractor perform the installation. This way, you can achieve optimum results with the help of experts.

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