ductless mini-split systemIf your home still uses a traditional HVAC system or a window HVAC system, then you’ve probably dealt with a variety of frustrations.

Apart from inefficient energy use, outdated HVAC systems might not provide the right amount of comfort. Also, they might not deliver a decent quality of indoor air. Moreover, they can also be very noisy.

For these and other reasons, a lot of homeowners have switched to modern ductless systems that rely on mini-split inverter technologies.

Ductless mini-split inverter technology is versatile, flexible, and incredibly efficient.

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Important Things To Know About Using Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Technology In Your Home

Let’s discuss what ductless HVAC systems are and how mini-split inverter technologies work. We’ll additionally go over the benefits of using inverter technologies in the home, and how fix-speed compressors stack up against Mitsubishi inverter technologies.

An Explanation Of Ductless Heat Pumps

ductless heating and coolingWith ductless HVAC systems, absolutely no ductwork is necessary. These systems provide both flexible and efficient heating and cooling within a zone or an entire home. Its setup includes one or more indoor units that can all connect to one outdoor unit. An HVAC contractor installs the outdoor unit at the exterior of the building, often at ground level. The outdoor compressor connects to the indoor air handler via electrical wiring and a refrigerant hose. These connections only require a small-sized hole.

Indoor units deliver hot or warm air directly to a room or zone, without the need for ductwork. HVAC contractors usually mount indoor units up on the wall to ensure efficient cooling and heating throughout the targeted space. This unit can be set for automatic operation. You also can manually adjust the indoor air handler by using a remote control.

Ductless HVAC systems are ideal for any homes that do not have ductwork and central HVAC systems in place. They are also great solutions for heating and cooling specific areas after major home remodeling projects. For example, they work well for additions or after converting a basement or attic area into an actual living space. Without needing to add more ductwork into an existing ductwork system, you can easily install a ductless HVAC design to home extensions for assured comfort at a reasonable price. Ductless units can provide impressive levels of combined comfort and energy efficiency. Therefore, a lot of homeowners are using ductless systems to supplement their central heating and air as well. Following, we’ll talk about some of the most appealing benefits provided by mini-split HVAC designs.

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Understanding Mini-Split Inverter Technologies

energy efficient ductless inverterWith mini-split technology, HVAC systems can supply targeted cooling and heating. These systems rely on smart technology that’s able to intelligently adjust the output of heating and cooling to create consistent room temperatures. It includes a microcontroller that’s capable of sampling the indoor air. Furthermore, it can adjust the compressor speeds accordingly.

With a traditional rotary compressor, the output of heating and cooling remains constant. If your home needs to be cooled, this unit will turn on. It will pump out cold air at the same output rate and speed until it reaches the desired temperature. After, the unit turns off. Conversely, mini-split inverter compressors are continually adjusting their output so that it can efficiently maintain the desired temperature. Therefore, there’s no need for it to cycle off and on.

The Benefits Gained By Having A Mini-Split Ductless Inverter In Your Home

Energy Efficiency

The most significant benefit of using mini-split inverter technology is increased efficiency, especially when compared to rotary compressors. Also, ductless mini-split inverter technology supplies much more precise delivery of heating and cooling, helping you save a lot of energy over time. As stated before, a mini-split HVAC system can adjust its output of heating or cooling constantly to maintain the right indoor temperature while using less energy.

Save Money

As per Energy StarEnergy Star, ducted systems lose about 30% of the total energy they consume. As a result, you can save as much as 30% on your energy bills by using a mini-split inverter ductless unit. Moreover, the individual unit components tend to last a lot longer and will not need to be replaced as quickly, which will also help you save some cash.

Lower Noise Emission

If you’ve ever had a rotary compressor unit in your home before, then you know just how loud this equipment can be. Furthermore, if you have one of these units right near your bedroom, you can end up with insomnia or other sleep troubles. Mini-split systems offer much quieter operation than do traditional HVAC designs. This means that you’ll be able to sleep peacefully every night.


A mini-split system is fairly small, and an HVAC contractor can easily install them in multiple zone or rooms. An HVAC contractor can put in up to four separate indoor units and connect all of them to just one outside unit. The number of inside units necessary for your home will depend upon your household’s heating and cooling requirements.

They’re Easy To Install

Given that these systems do not require ducts, they are much easier to install than all other HVAC types. They can also be used to cool or heat home extensions without having to add on to any ductwork that already exists.

They’re Versatile

In terms of interior aesthetics, you can install ductless mini-splits in a variety of ways. They can be wall-mounted or suspended from your ceiling. Also, you can install them directly from a drop ceiling.

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Inverter Technology From Mitsubishi Vs. A Fixed Speed Compressor

mitsubishi hvac systemFixed speed compressors are not efficient in delivering conditioned air throughout the home. These compressors cause the unit to cycle off and on whenever indoor temperatures dip below or rise above the thermostat setting. This can create unpleasant fluctuations in temperature that result in excess energy use and higher overall energy costs.

Conversely, inverter technology from Mitsubishi allows these systems to alter motor speeds, depending upon the real-time temperature demands of the home. This allows for a smoother delivery of temperatures without requiring extra energy use. With its highly intuitive sensor, this smart technology can determine the perfect speed for maintaining the correct temperature indoors.

As far as overall energy efficiency goes, it can cost a lot to have a compressor cycle off and on. Fixed speed compressors are always running at their full capacity, irrespective of the rooms they’re cooling or heating. In a system that is driven by inverter technology, the system can run at a fraction of its top speed for all-around efficiency.

Your home can experience energy-efficient and constant cooling or heating with inverter technology. Once this system has been installed, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of saving money. More importantly, you won’t have to deal with unpleasant fluctuations in temperature or noisy operation.
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Traditional HVAC systems are not able to create streamlined temperatures in the home at an impressive rate. Luckily, you will find a far better solution with modern technology. When you use a ductless mini-split with inverter technology, you will be able to enjoy constant and efficient delivery of comfort.

Mini-split inverters provide smart temperature delivery for the home. They maintain the desired temperature by routinely sampling the air to adjust the unit speed. This is cost-effective, less noisy, flexible, and adaptable. If you have to choose between fixed-speed systems and units that use mini-split inversion technology, the latter is your best bet.

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