advantages of ductless hvac systemsNow of days, we can create the perfect indoor environments for supporting our living preferences. However, the ductless HVAC system is undoubtedly one of the best technologies that we’ve invented. Reliable, efficient, and completely customizable, mini-split ductless HVAC systems make it possible to create a safe and comfortable home throughout the year.

Many experts assert that ductless systems are by far the best solutions for both commercial and residential buildings. With ductless HVAC systems, buildings can have effective and efficient heating and cooling throughout their facilities without the need to install bulky air ducts. Moreover, they are a lot more efficient than central systems, as they provide multi-room, zoned cooling and heating comfort.

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Learn More About The Advantages Of Ductless HVAC Systems

This article will talk about the benefits that ductless HVAC systems can provide.

What Is A Mini-Split Ductless Heating And Cooling System?

A mini-split ductless system is applicable for use in commercial and residential buildings. These systems can heat and cool multiple zones or rooms. In a building that lacks existing ductwork, an HVAC contractor can install a ductless mini-split to provide effective heating and cooling. These systems are also incredibly effective in condos and apartments where the extension or installation of ductwork isn’t possible. They are great as supplemental HVAC systems or in rooms that are problematic in this respect. There are even many homeowners who have these installed in their garages, sunrooms, finished attics, basements, and other areas.

The two primary components of ductless mini-split systems are an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air-handling unit. Given the inherent design of mini-split ductless systems, installing them does not necessitate any significant changes in the building’s ceiling or walls. This is something that is very appealing to homeowners who do not have an interest in performing a major construction project in their home. The installation of HVAC ductwork includes tearing down walls and ceilings. Furthermore, this aspect of a project like this takes time, disrupting the everyday activities of a home. On the contrary, Mitsubishi ductless systems, for instance, can be put in with little disruption to the walls in your home.

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Ductless HVAC Systems: Multi-Zone vs. Single-Zone Designs

mitsubishi heating and cooling systemDuctless, single-zone HVAC systems provide heating and cooling to just one zone or room. If you already have a central HVAC system installed but want to provide conditioned air to an additional area of the home, you can accomplish this by investing in a single-zone unit. Ductless multi-zone systems, however, allow you to connect multiple air handlers throughout the building to the outside compressor so that numerous zones throughout the building can be heated or cooled.

Depending upon your needs, either a single-zone or a multi-zone system can work well for you.

If you’re only interested in controlling the temperature in a single, enclosed area, then a single-zone system is the best choice. This type of setup works well in areas such as an enclosed porch or patio, a garage, a room addition, and more.
If you want to cool or heat several areas throughout the home, or if you want the ability to customize comfort in various zones, then the best choice is a ductless multi-zone system.

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What you Can Expect When Using A Ductless Mini-Split System In Your Home

Below, we discuss some of the advantages that come with ductless heating and cooling systems.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the most noticeable attributes of a ductless mini-split is its high level of energy efficiency. Not having ductwork is a considerable contribution to this particular benefit. According to estimates, approximately 15 to 35 percent is energy is lost throughout the ducts when forced-air HVAC systems are used. Having an inefficient HVAC system can be quite costly. In simple terms, it means having to pay for energy that you aren’t actually benefiting from. This is also harmful to the natural environment.

Mini-split systems do not need ducts to distribute warm or cooled air throughout the home. Due to this fact, they do not result in energy loss or wasted money. You can save even more cash by choosing a ductless system with a high Energy Star rating. A number of these models can help you cut your home heating and cooling costs significantly. Moreover, there are also federal tax credits and utility incentives that you may be qualified to take advantage of.

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Mini-Split Systems Are Very Easy To Install

ductless installationHVAC technicians will tell you that having ductwork installed is both difficult and complex. Given that no ductwork is required with mini-split systems, the install process is both quick and easy for the average, normal setup. The technician will only need to drill a hole in the wall that’s just three inches in diameter for the conduit. This is largely a non-invasive project that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of labor or time, particularly when compared to the installation of other systems.

Options For System Placement

When installing new HVAC systems, the primary concern of most homeowners is the location of this equipment. Window systems, for instance, must be installed via a hole in the wall or directly on a properly fitted window sill to prevent leakage and other problems. There is also the issue of where electrical outlets are located. This can be very limiting in terms of where both outdoor and indoor components can be placed. Several specific considerations have to be made, especially where ductwork is concerned.

Conversely, ductless mini-splits are far more flexible and adaptable. There are several options for placement. Placement depends on the needs of homeowners, various design considerations, and a building’s structural limitations, there are several options that might work. Options for ductless installation include floor units, walls, and ceilings. With a ductless design, it is possible to accommodate the existing design or style of the targeted area or room. These systems are far less conspicuous and can be installed in out-of-the-way locations, thereby conserving more living space.

Zoning Or Targeted Heating & Cooling Of Rooms

Many other types of HVAC systems can help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. However, these do not provide the same zoned capabilities of mini-splits. With these systems, homeowners can achieve a higher level of efficiency from these systems and reduce their energy spending. An HVAC contractor can install separate air handlers in different areas or rooms. You can shut on or off these individual units, and adjust each unit to a specific temperature independently. This makes it possible to cool or heat only those rooms or zones that are in use. Similarly, you can keep unoccupied spaces uncooled or unheated. This creates considerable savings in overall energy use.

A ductless mini-split also makes it easier to control temperatures in different zones or rooms effectively. In any building or home where residents have varying temperature preferences or requirements, ductless systems are easily the most superior choice. Because it’s possible to set up zoning areas as needed, temperatures can be customized to suit the needs of those who occupy these areas.

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Better Overall Safety

Given that a ductless mini-split only requires a single, small-sized hole to be drilled in the wall, there aren’t any of the additional concerns about having larger holes be used as an entry for snakes, mice, or other pests. There is also a much lower risk of losing cooled or heated air.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality and ductless hvacOne key benefit of a ductless mini-split is that it can produce exceptional indoor air quality compared to forced-air HVAC systems. Mold, pollen, dirt, dust, and VOCs frequently become trapped within HVAC ductwork. As time passes, any air that moves through the ducts will become polluted, thereby decreasing the overall quality of the air inside of the home significantly.

Moreover, HVAC ductwork is something that you need to have inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Many homeowners overlook this task, considering ductwork is out of sight. With mini-split systems, however, there are no ducts to collect pollutants. Ductless HVAC systems use a multi-stage filtration that keeps microorganisms, potential allergens, and other particulates from affecting the quality of the indoor air.

Ductless HVAC Units Are Highly Customizable

Everyone wants equipment that caters to their specific needs, and mini-split ductless systems are capable of doing exactly this. Mitsubishi systems, for instance, offer various features, including things like timers and sleep functions. Simple and entirely customizable features like these improve both function and comfort, while also saving energy.

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Safety and comfort are two things that are non-negotiable in your home. With such a vast range of options in HVAC appliance design and technology, you can also choose the most reliable and needs-specific heating and cooling solution for your home. Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems are unrivaled in terms of cost-savings, efficiency, and overall home comfort. More importantly, as these technologies become increasingly advanced, these systems are poised to become increasingly more efficient as well.

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