Seven HVAC Tips For A Strong End To Winter

removing dirty HVAC filter for home central air conditioning system

Winter has passed, and we are transitioning to warm weather as we move through the spring season. This means that your furnace will be resting for a while. Milder temperatures will let you do some work on your HVAC system without causing too much discomfort in your home. Here are several HVAC tips end of winter for homeowners:

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Seven HVAC Tips For A Strong End To Winter

Keep reading to explore some end-of-winter tips to promote HVAC system health.

Check Your HVAC Air Filter

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Air filters are the root of many heating and cooling problems. When this component becomes too dirty, they hinder air from flowing smoothly into the system, causing it to struggle to breathe. The equipment is then forced to work harder to ensure air can pass through and maintain the set temperatures. It also uses more energy, so you will have increased heating and cooling bills. The furnace also likely runs constantly to produce more heat during January and February, the coldest months of the year. Therefore, check if the furnace filter can do its job. Clean or change the filter immediately so the system can operate more efficiently.

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Consider Upgrading Your HVAC Unit

Since the weather is still relatively chilly at night, only a few people opt to upgrade their units during this time. Most will wait until the temperatures become milder when they don’t need to rely on their HVAC systems for a little bit of time. However, this strategy can lead to a system breakdown, making the family suffer from discomfort. It may also increase your energy costs because of the increased energy consumption due to running a system with damaged components. These issues can be prevented if you act quickly. Replace a highly problematic heating system as soon as possible so everyone remains comfortable for the remaining cooler spring days.

Check Your Ducts

ductwork hvac installation

The ducts, like the air filters, can also get dirty should they have holes and leaks where particulates can enter and accumulate. This issue will cause a similar strain on your system because it can’t work as efficiently as it should. This causes poor indoor quality, which can impact the family’s health, especially for individuals suffering from respiratory illnesses. The ductwork should be examined, sealed, and, if necessary, cleaned. It can be hard to do, so you should leave it to capable experts. They have specialized tools to do the job.

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Schedule HVAC Maintenance

image of an hvac contractor performing an air conditioner maintenance check

Don’t wait for winter to end before you address your heating and cooling unit. Book HVAC maintenance immediately so you can be the first in line for spring visits. Many households conducting spring cleaning use this chance to include their HVAC systems. All the slots can be taken up quickly. Acting now means securing an early spring slot and finishing maintenance work before the rush starts. Furnace issues can be determined early and repaired immediately. Your air conditioner can also get a tune-up, so it is up to the task for the coming summer.

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Consider A Thermostat Upgrade

If you aren’t ready for a whole system replacement, consider conducting minor, meaningful upgrades, like a thermostat replacement. Many new models come with impressive features to improve efficiency and convenience. For example, programmable thermostats can automatically make temperature adjustments to your desired settings at specific times throughout the day. The system can be set to low during scheduled work hours and set to increase the temperatures before you arrive. Some thermostats are even Wi-Fi-enabled so that you can control these smart devices via your phone virtually anywhere.


Reduce Energy Loss From Drafty Windows

Drafty windows let air escape. The HVAC system may be working hard, but your home will not feel right if your doors and windows have gaps around them. Find these gaps and seal them. If you already did it, but the problem remains, you may have missed some areas. HVAC professionals can help find drafts and other weaknesses along the walls and repair them immediately. Moreover, consider hanging thermal curtains across windows to help prevent thermal loss.

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Clean Up Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is susceptible to precipitation and debris. It accumulates salt residue, stale water, and gunk throughout winter. These can interfere with the system’s operation. Clean the outdoor unit periodically if you want the system to work correctly. Remember that proper care will ensure your HVAC unit works more efficiently.



The seasons have a predictable change pattern. Think ahead and take the necessary steps to keep your HVAC system in optimum condition and prevent problems. This way, your system will have improved energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. You will also enjoy higher comfort levels and lower energy bills. Call a reputable HVAC company today to book your next system maintenance.

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