Spring Checklist To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Summer

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Spring cleaning is a must. It helps you get ready for the coming season. A crucial part of this is to ensure your HVAC system can handle the demands of your home while providing a healthy level of indoor air quality. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until they absolutely require the use of their HVAC unit before switching it on. Remember that it is better to get an early start using these easy spring HVAC tips to prevent the discomfort and frustration of last-minute HVAC repairs.

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Essential Maintenance Tips For HVAC Systems In The Spring

Keep reading to learn more about our helpful HVAC checklist to prepare for the upcoming weather.

Schedule Your HVAC System Maintenance

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Get a licensed professional to check your HVAC system at least once a year. There are many types of HVAC maintenance that you can do on your own, but professional checkups will address the parts and areas that ordinary people can’t access and should not do on their own. This task should be left in the hands of a licensed HVAC technician.

Professional maintenance includes deep system cleaning, so developing issues can be determined and resolved early. It can also help determine the approximate remaining service life of your system. A professional can also recommend a replacement if you have an outdated HVAC system. Getting a replacement streamlines your home’s climate control features to meet your specific needs and avoid expensive and age-related repair problems.

If you have a system under warranty, a yearly HVAC checkup can sometimes be needed to remain in compliance with the linked warranty terms. The warranty may require that your system get timely cooling checks and furnace repair services, among others. Ensure that you read and understand the terms to maintain the warranty.

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Remove Condenser Covers And Clean The Unit’s Perimeter

Remove the condenser cover (the outside AC unit) and thoroughly clean it around the unit. Examine the condenser to ensure this essential outdoor component has no weather-related damage. Check for trapped debris and other likely blockages outside the condenser. Trim any shrubs and other greenery near it. These measures are essential in ensuring your system performs optimally.

Change The HVAC Air Filter

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A few of the easiest and most crucial parts of maintaining HVAC systems don’t need licensed HVAC technicians. An example is routine filter replacements. This increases the system’s efficiency level. This component catches particles like dirt, debris, and pet dander, so they don’t spread throughout your home. This is an excellent step in reducing energy bills and increasing indoor air quality. Filters work more effectively when they are regularly cleaned or changed.

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Clean All Supply Vents And Registers

Accumulations like dirt, lint, and dust can build up in the supply registers and vents. The bad news is that homeowners usually overlook these areas during spring HVAC maintenance. These spaces may be hard to reach or clean on your own, so let a qualified HVAC technician help you. Like regular filter changes, your home will have increased indoor air quality when you clean air registers and vents.

Test The Thermostat

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Make sure the thermostat works properly. Check the immediate area for any cold or heat sources that can impact the thermostat’s temperature readings. Look at the numbers at the start of each cooling and heating cycle to determine if the unit requires calibrating. Consider installing a smart or programmable thermostat to achieve optimum home comfort and higher energy efficiency.

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Turn On The Air Conditioning System

Do not wait until the summer to verify if your air conditioner works. Turn it on to determine if enough cooled air can pass through the vents. Check some of the earlier upkeep methods if you notice that the system doesn’t have adequate cooling power or the air is dusty. Make sure that each step is done correctly.

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A comfortable home during the summer is a cool one. Be sure to determine if your cooling system works before the hottest day of the year arrives. Book an appointment with a reliable and reputable HVAC technician to conduct a complete AC inspection. Examine your unit, replace the filter, and test your thermostat. Determining and resolving HVAC issues early means you keep your home and family comfortable throughout spring and summer.

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