5 Most Common Thermostat Problems Impacting Your Comfort

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When a heating or cooling system starts acting up, many are quick to assume that the issue lies with the AC or furnace. However, HVAC systems sometimes experience thermostat problems, which control the function of the unit. This article discusses some of these thermostat issues and the most practical solution to fix them.

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Signs Of Thermostat Problems At Home

Here are some crucial symptoms that you have a faulty thermostat on your hands:

Problem 1: Thermostat Doesn’t Reach Set Temperature

The HVAC system’s control center is the thermostat. It lets you set your preferred temperature, and the unit should follow it immediately. An issue may be present if you don’t feel a difference in the room temperature after a while. For instance, direct sunlight may be hitting the thermostat because it is near windows and doors. This exposure warms the thermostat, causing it to have false readings. The thermostat will think the room is hot, so it will make the unit shut down before the set temperature is reached. Block the sun using curtains to cover all windows. Ensure that the thermostat isn’t close to other heat sources as well.

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Problem 2: The Thermostat Is Old

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Old thermostats are more likely to be faulty. These units can last for extended periods, but their effectiveness eventually decreases. They cause many problems and are harder to maintain. Connection issues may also happen more often. Moreover, it may be harder to clean away dirt from the thermostat, and its sensitivity may drop. It may be better to replace your old one with a new smart thermostat.

Problem 3: Thermostat Is Dirty

The thermostat should be able to read the room temperature correctly. If it provides inaccurate readings, determine the reason for the error. At times, it can be because there is dust accumulation inside the box. Dirt can get stuck between contacts, resulting in thermostat issues. The easiest way to resolve it is to open the case and brush off the dirt. Use a soft brush and gentle strokes.

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Problem 4: The Thermostat Is Miscalibrated

Thermostats are equipped with internal sensors. These are calibrated out of the factory to ensure they give proper readings. However, the sensors become less efficient over time and get miscalibrated. This can result in uneven temperatures in your home. This means some rooms feel cold while others feel hot. Miscalibration can also cause incorrect system commands, such as the compressor and fan switching on and off too quickly. This issue is called short cycling, and it can cause discomfort, high energy bills, and reduced system lifespan.


Problem 5: Thermostat Display Not Working

The thermostat should give valuable information on the current state of your HVAC system. This info includes the operating mode and current temperature. Touchscreen displays let you input the settings directly. A malfunctioning display means you cannot change the settings or examine your system’s state.

Check if the system has been switched off. If yes, turn it on again. If the air conditioner or heater is running without a working display, try replacing the batteries on your thermostat. In addition, examine it for faulty connections or loose wires.

Advantages Of A Thermostat Replacement

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Here are several benefits that you get when you replace your thermostat:

Auto Adjustments

You don’t have to keep making adjustments to your temperature settings throughout the day because you can program your system’s schedule in one go. You only need to set it once, and the new thermostat will remember it for you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about changing the settings before leaving your home or going to sleep. You can go about your daily activities, and the system will automatically adjust for you.

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Save Money On Your Home’s Heating & Cooling Costs

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HVAC systems consume large amounts of energy. Therefore, homeowners welcome any means to reduce consumption because it will lower energy expenses. One of the most effective ways to do this is to replace your old manual thermostat with a programmable one.

A programmable thermostat allows you to make temperature adjustments per your preference and schedule. You can shut down the system when you leave your house and make it work harder when you and your family are home. Many modern thermostats also let you track your energy use so that you can manage your energy expenses better.

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HVAC System Optimization

Only some people have the budget to get a complete HVAC system replacement, even if they have a very old air conditioner or heater. Fortunately, they don’t always need to go to this extent to improve their HVAC unit’s operations. They can try replacing the old thermostat with a modern one first. This will help them achieve significant improvements in efficiency and reliability.

Keep in mind that modern thermostats help your home achieve increased energy efficiency and comfort. However, when you have an old and outdated HVAC system, you should follow through with the required HVAC replacement.

The advantages you will get from a thermostat upgrade cannot replace the benefits of a new AC or furnace. A modern thermostat will work hand-in-hand with a new HVAC system to achieve high efficiency and comfort levels.

Improved Connectivity

The latest models of programmable thermostats have more built-in connectivity options than before. For instance, they can connect to the home network through Wi-Fi so that owners can control them via connected phones from anywhere in the home. Many appreciate this added convenience.



Problems with your thermostat usually have simple solutions like cleaning, fresh batteries, and repositioning. However, there are times when it is necessary to get a thermostat unit replacement to achieve improved efficiency, better reliability, enhanced connectivity, and auto adjustment features. Call a reliable HVAC company, like R.F. Ohl, to help you resolve your thermostat problems at home.

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