When To Repair Vs. Replace Your Heating System

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Your heating system helps you a lot during winter. It ensures you and your family are warm inside your home regardless of how cold it is outside. However, problems may eventually develop, forcing you to consider whether to opt for a heating system repair vs replace.

Determining whether you should replace or repair your heating system isn’t always easy. Most people will try to have their system repaired repeatedly as this route costs less. However, some cases make getting a heating system replacement the more logical option.

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When To Get A Heating System Repair Vs. Replacement 

Keep reading to learn several telltale signs that suggest you need a heating system replacement. Knowing these signs helps you save money on HVAC repairs while you enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

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Age Of Your Heating System

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In general, heating systems are dependable. They typically last for 15 to 30 years, depending on multiple factors like the manufacturer, design, upkeep, and usage frequency. You can try to maximize it for three decades, but it isn’t always an option. Your heating system may sometimes develop issues earlier, at around 12 to 15 years old. You may have already used the system a lot by this time, so it isn’t as painful to let it retire. Getting a replacement saves you from the stress of repairs in the future. Technological advancements also mean that newer models are more appealing.

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Decreased Energy Efficiency

All machineries succumb to the gradual reduction in efficiency as time passes. You can slow it down with regular maintenance, but the decrease in efficiency can’t be eliminated completely.

The system consumes more fuel to generate the same amount of heat as the heating system efficiency decreases. There will come a time when the decline in efficiency is so significant that you will have unreasonable fuel usage.

A heating system replacement makes better sense if this occurs. Holding on to an old machine that consumes high energy levels isn’t good for the environment. It only releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. You will also have a drastic increase in your home heating bills.

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Increased Home Heating Costs

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Increased fuel consumption means there will be increased energy expenses. Fuel prices vary over time and can increase if there are high demand and shortages. Keep in mind that aging or underperforming heaters consume more fuel and energy than they typically would. The additional cost of buying fuel can rack up to a significant amount. Getting a heating system replacement means you can enjoy low fuel consumption and operating costs.

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Discomfort and Heat Imbalance Throughout The Home

A heating system’s effectiveness drops over time. You may have noticed that your heating system kept all rooms sufficiently warm in the first few years. As time passes, the rooms farther from the heating system may start feeling a bit colder until it is uncomfortable to stay in them anymore during the winter.

This is undoubtedly a sign that suggests you need to replace your heating system. The system can no longer do its task, so you need to install a heating system that can do the job. Do this as soon as possible.

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Frequent Heating System Repairs

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Hypothetically, a homeowner can get their heating system repaired as long as there are skilled professionals and available components. A three-decade service life can be achieved. However, few people actually wait for this to happen as there can be significant costs in time and money. Professional maintenance once a year may be tolerable. However, having technicians come over three or more times annually may not be a worthy endeavor. Consider channeling all these heater repair costs into installing a new furnace with improved reliability.

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Dusty Home & Poor Indoor Air Quality

People usually worry about outdoor air quality because of well-known pollutants like cars and factories. Many do not realize that this can mean the air quality inside their homes can also suffer. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants can get trapped and circulate throughout your home. This can result in discomfort to the occupants of the space. Some strategies to improve your indoor air quality include:

  • Changing the air filters regularly
  • Installing UV lights at strategic locations
  • Cleaning the ductwork

However, if these methods are already being used but there is no improvement in indoor air quality, consider replacing your heating system completely.

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Final Words

There is endless debate on whether to get a replacement or repair. Remember that you must do something at some point to ensure your family’s safety, health, and long-term financial stability. You can try low-cost options first to determine if that will work. You may be able to resolve your heating issues quickly without spending a lot if you take action early.

Still, be open to the possibility that you may need a complete heating system replacement when it reaches old age or the other signs listed in this article are in your system.

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