What To Look For In A New Oil Boiler For Your Home

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It is unfortunate, but an oil boiler that may have served you well for a long period will eventually come to an end. There will come a time when you feel a significant drop in its efficiency, performance, and reliability. It may not be cost-effective to keep repairing it as well. You will have to get a heating system upgrade, such as an oil boiler installation. This is a good chance to find a heating system that aligns with your current needs and has better features. Keep reading to know the factors to look for in a new boiler.

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What To Consider When Purchasing An Oil Boiler

It is a complex process to replace an oil boiler. You should give yourself enough time to check all your boiler options. Determine your home’s exact needs. Get in touch with an HVAC expert. They can provide clear answers to your questions and help you make sensible decisions throughout the process. Here are several essential considerations to make during this undertaking:

Oil Boiler Type

Homeowners can select from either hot water boilers or steam boilers. Both work similarly, but there are several important differences. Steam boilers require fewer accessories and have higher heating temperatures. The power they have makes them ideal for large homes and industrial settings. Contrastingly, hot water boilers offer a safer design and higher efficiency. They are suitable for homes that are small to average-sized. Both types can be powered using natural gas or heating oil. Heating oil is the preferred fuel by many households in Pennsylvania because of its great availability and low price.

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Heating Oil Boiler Size

People usually assume that bigger boilers are better, but this isn’t true. Each home has an optimal size. You may encounter a problem known as short cycling if your heating system is too big. This is when the home achieves the set temperature too fast, causing the boiler to switch off. This quick on-and-off switching can cause faster wear and tear and premature breakdowns. Most homeowners usually purchase the same boiler size as their previous unit. However, it is best to have an HVAC professional do precise calculations.

Oil Boiler Efficiency

efficiency rating depicting energy efficient boiler

Homeowners shouldn’t focus on the acquisition cost alone. Heating systems use the most energy in all homes. Therefore, homeowners should do all they can to lower the operational cost. A high-efficiency boiler, with a high AFUE rating, helps ensure that fuel costs are as low as possible. The system may have a higher initial cash outlay, but you will have more considerable savings in the long run. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency measures how much fuel to energy a unit can convert over a complete heating season. Get units with higher ratings to get better results. Look for the Energy Star label if you want a boiler with the highest efficiency.

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Oil-Fired Boiler Maintenance

Heating systems require constant upkeep to ensure it runs well and lasts longer. Various boilers require slightly different tune-up services. Knowing the needs of different units before selecting one is beneficial, so you can ensure that you can handle their ownership demands. Remember that not all maintenance work can be done by homeowners. Several tasks need the experience and skills only trained HVAC contractors have. Book professional maintenance once a year for system longevity.


Boiler Venting Needs

Boilers need to be ventilated to get rid of exhaust gasses from fuel combustion. Determine which method fits the design of your home. Boilers with chimneys are equipped with a vertical stack to exhaust gasses passively. Fumes with low density naturally go up until it reaches an opening. On the one hand, power-vented boilers utilize fans to force the gasses out. The blower allows it to vent using a side wall for homes without chimneys. However, this needs a big, airy room. Lastly, it is possible to install direct-vented boilers in confined spaces because they don’t rely on indoor air.

Regional Climate

house in snow depicting home heating in winter

How much stress your heating system experiences largely depends on the regional climate. Some places only get cold enough to use the boiler during the winter. Other areas may require you to use the boiler year-round. Homeowners need to choose a boiler that can handle their specific needs.

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Oil Boiler Brand Name

All manufacturers try to innovate. Some companies have been better at creating boilers than others. Certain brands have been known to have durable and efficient boilers. These companies may also be more responsive to repairs under warranty. Homeowners can also research the market’s top brands. They can ask trusted friends and neighbors for recommendations per their personal experience. HVAC technicians can use their many years of working in the industry to provide you with the most helpful advice.



The most suitable boiler system for your home relies on your unique circumstance. Have a reputable local HVAC technician help you so you can find which one more easily. If you have a heating oil-powered system, look for an oil boiler to minimize the replacement cost. Find a system that matches your needs regarding system capacity, efficiency rating, ventilation needs, and brand name.

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