Why Is My Furnace Leaking on the Floor?

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Home appliances are expensive, so when we purchase them, the last thing we think of is that they’ll eventually malfunction. However, all machinery succumbs to wear and tear and breaks down at some point or another. Problems can crop up suddenly. They may even occur when you least expect them. One of these unwanted surprises is a furnace leaking water. The bad news is that it is a highly likely situation to come across. It can be due to several causes, some being major and some minor. No matter the cause, this furnace problem must be dealt with immediately.

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking on the Floor?

Several reasons may cause your furnace to leak. A significant factor is the type of furnace you have, particularly if you have a high-efficiency heating system versus a conventional furnace. This article discusses the common reasons your furnace leaks.

Condensation or Clog in the Furnace

image of condensation coming from furnace

A high-efficiency furnace is equipped with a cool exhaust. This component may produce condensation, a natural byproduct of the burned fuel. The moisture is drained via a PVC pipe to a floor drain in the furnace room. However, this pipe can get clogged at times. This can result in the water backing up and leaking out of the furnace, which is a major problem. Long term can lead to furnace rust.

Traditional furnaces shouldn’t leak water naturally. If you have a furnace that’s 15 years old or older, the leak could be due to a pipe that’s incorrectly sized, and it’s making the water back up into the furnace.

The problem needs to be repaired immediately, whatever the scenario is. Call an HVAC professional to assist you in resolving this complex situation.

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Broken Condensation Line or Condensate Pump

As earlier mentioned, high-efficiency furnaces produce condensation as a natural byproduct. The water is usually drained through the condensate line. A broken or damaged condensate line can result in a leak.

Many furnaces are equipped with condensation pumps. Its job is to pump the water out of the furnace so it remains dry. A problem or fault with the condensation pump can result in issues and leaks.

Problems with the Humidifier in the Furnace

The humidifier in the furnace is often the cause of the issue. This is a feature homeowners add to ensure a comfortable atmosphere during the winter season when the air is very dry.
Humidifiers need water to work. However, it may develop problems as time passes, causing water leaks. The device may develop cracks at times. The problem is often caused by the water leaking back into the furnace, complicating the issue further.

You may think it is a good idea to conduct a DIY repair to resolve the problem yourself. However, humidifiers are highly sensitive, so it is best to leave them in the hands of a professional and skilled HVAC technician. They can conduct a careful inspection and repair it as needed. Checking the humidifier is typically part of a system’s annual checkup. However, it is still a good idea to have your technician inspect this piece of equipment first when diagnosing the leaking problem.

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The Air Conditioner Might Be the Culprit

The problem may be from a place you didn’t expect: the air conditioner! The region where you live may require that you use the furnace and air conditioner over the same period. As a result, the air conditioner may be causing the leak.

Air conditioners suck in the moisture from the air and condense it into liquid. The moisture is drained outside using a drain pan. However, a clog or leak in the air conditioner may make it seem like the furnace is the one leaking when it is the air conditioner.

Consult an HVAC professional to inspect your air conditioner to determine the cause of the leak. Having a professional help you with the repairs will ensure that your equipment has a longer service life. It also leaves you stress-free.

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Should I Replace My Furnace Filter?

dirty hvac air filter

Yes, you should replace the furnace filter. It is prudent that you conduct monthly furnace filter checks and replace them as needed. However, it will not solve the leaking problem as it is not the reason behind it. Change the filters when repairs are done before turning the furnace back on. This ensures that your furnace smoothly operates for an extended period.

What Do I Do When I Notice a Furnace Leak?

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Call your local, trusted HVAC technician as soon as you notice a leak. Leaks can be a major headache so have a professional fix it for you right away. Leaks can cause damage to furnace components and your home’s floors and walls. It also encourages mold growth, a problem you won’t want in your home.

Before a professional arrives, here are several steps you can take to help:

  • Turn off your furnace by using the switch next to it. If there is no switch, disconnect it entirely through the breaker.
  • Mop up the water that may have puddled around the base.
  • Inspect the air filter. Replace it if it is clogged or dirty.
  • Lastly, wait for your HVAC technician’s arrival!
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A furnace leak isn’t a big issue if caught early. A professional HVAC technician can assess the issue, which is the first step toward a hassle-free solution. Make sure that you contact a reputable company specializing in HVAC units in your local area. After that, you can step back and let the professionals handle the issue, which will surely be fixed in no time!

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