3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Rusting

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Rust can affect any metal surface. This holds true with your heating system. Although rust thrives the most in a humid environment, using your furnace can create temperature imbalances in enclosed areas. These can generate moisture that will eventually affect even the most durable heating system in your home.

One of the ways that might give your system a longer lifespan is not to use it. However, this is not possible if you live in a place that has cold weather. All you can do is delay rust from happening, as it will surely happen to your heating unit eventually. After all, rust in furnace is more common than you think. Read on to find out about some of the common reasons your furnace is rusting.

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Causes Of Rust In A Furnace

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Three of the most likely reasons behind furnace rust include the following:

  • Water Leaks Or High Humidity: The amount of water vapor in the air is known as humidity. This is the most common cause of rust. Some places have higher humidity than others. This environmental factor is further aggravated by adding more water into the air in enclosed areas like a building or a house. This happens when there are water leakages in the plumbing system.
  • AC Leaks: Another cause of water leak is typically connected with your heating system. This is your air conditioner. The cooling process of your AC generates moisture. Since modern cooling systems are centralized ones, they are connected to the same ductwork your furnace uses. Therefore, the water leak from your AC can go directly into your furnace. This increases the humidity in your home. It also causes water to pool in inconvenient areas around your home.
  • Furnace Exhaust Issues: Your heating system creates moisture which increases the humidity level in your home. It releases hot air that cools when it leaves the burner. Therefore, condensation is created inside your furnace.
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Risks That Come With Rusty Furnaces

Rust will eventually take over your furnace. Although it may take a long time, it will still happen. The only thing you can do is to ensure that it doesn’t happen prematurely so that you can use your heating system for a long time. Therefore, you must keep watch on your unit carefully.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

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Yearly furnace checkups and maintenance are an essential part of keeping rust at bay. This is an affordable service compared to having to replace your heating system when rust takes over. Annual tune-ups include an HVAC professional conducting a thorough inspection for rust. This way, your furnace remains in optimal working condition for a very long time.

Clogged Burner Jets

Rust causes performance degradation in your system. One of its effects is clogged burner jets. When this happens, the unit becomes less efficient and will consume more fuel to generate the same amount of heat. It can also lead to an increase in carbon monoxide, which is toxic to both animals and humans.

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Furnace Fuel Supply Lines

Rust can lead to fuel supply line failure. This might then cause a fire or an explosion and your home will end up as a smoldering pile of ash and debris. Don’t let this happen to your home.
This problem is the real danger that rust poses to your HVAC system. It creates a more dangerous situation than just some unwanted brown-orange flaky streaks on metal surfaces. Keep in mind that when you notice rust in your system’s exterior, it might be because the interior is already overtaken by rust.

Repair Furnace Issues Promptly

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Besides regular inspections, you should also ensure that your furnace’s problems are resolved right away. Annual checkups will determine why rust is building up in your furnace. This will allow you to prevent these situations from happening again. When this problem is fixed, all worn-out parts need to be repaired as well.

Unfortunately, not all systems can be saved. If your system can be repaired, but the money you need to spend equals half or more on what you need to purchase a new system, it is recommended that you buy a new unit instead. Keep in mind that older systems at peak efficiency are still significantly less efficient than a new furnace. Consult with a professional to help you choose the best solution for your home.

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Take Advantage Of Professional HVAC Advice

HVAC technicians know that homeowners have different circumstances. Therefore, they are ready to give you cost-effective options that are easy to understand. This way, you can choose which one best fits your specific needs and preferences. What is essential is to prevent rust from happening in your system as long as possible. Keep in mind that once rust forms in your system, the possible repairs narrow down until you have no other choice but to replace the system. Otherwise, your safety might be on the line.

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