What Happens When You Skip Furnace Tune-Ups?

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Maintenance is needed by all kinds of machines to make sure that they are in perfect working condition for a long time. Your furnace is no exception. Experts recommend that your furnace receives annual furnace maintenance without fail. Most homeowners know that this is needed to ensure reliable operation. However, they still fail to do so due to various reasons. They might think that since they see nothing wrong with the heating system, it is all right to leave it alone for now. However, they do not realize that neglecting annual maintenance will lead to furnace issues as time passes.

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What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

This article will give you an overview of the consequences of skipping annual furnace maintenance.

Not Addressing Furnace Problems Early

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Those with untrained eyes might not detect anything wrong with their furnaces. However, a professional HVAC technician has years of experience and extensive knowledge to see any issues that are beginning to develop. They have encountered these problems many times, so it is easy for them to see the signs. When these issues are spotted early on, they are also treated before they get worse. The solution is usually fast, easy, and cheap at this point. Regular furnace maintenance is essential as it prevents furnace breakdowns while avoiding the need for costly HVAC repairs.

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Increase In Home Heating Bills

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A heating system that does not receive yearly check-ups will have a harder time providing you with the necessary heat to keep your home comfortable. It will strain to ensure that it reaches the desired temperature. It uses up more energy this way, and this will be reflected in your monthly heating bills. You might think that not getting maintenance saves you money, but you only end up spending more with the high utility costs you’ll incur. The increase can be sudden or gradual. Therefore, invest in annual furnace tune-ups to ensure your heating system remains energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Fire Hazards From Faulty Furnaces

Furnace maintenance ensures that your system does not turn into a fire hazard. Although it is rare for your heating system to cause fires, there is still a possibility. Therefore, you should take it seriously. Frayed wires are what usually cause fires to spark. With annual HVAC maintenance, all wirings will be inspected to ensure that they are in good condition. Any potential dangers are fixed immediately, as well. Heating tune-ups will ensure that you use your system confidently and without fear of endangering your family.

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Reduced Comfort

A new heating system ensures that you are warm and comfortable in all areas in your home. It provides uniform and continuous heating so that you are protected against the freezing weather outside. Over time, you might notice cold spots across your house. The reduced comfort level can be due to several reasons. It can be because of age. However, blocked vents and registers are most likely the reason. Regular furnace tune-ups will ensure that all vents are clean and that the air passes through them without a hitch.

Lower Indoor Air Quality

woman sneezing due to poor indoor air qualityThe air carries microscopic contaminants such as dust, pollen, dander, and mold spores. The air filters in your heating system block these impurities from entering your home. However, filters can get clogged over time, and it won’t be as effective in catching these particulates. The indoor air quality is compromised when this happens. The impurities are circulated throughout your house and cause allergies and respiratory problems. It can also affect your heating system’s performance. Furnace maintenance ensures that the air filters are clean so that you receive the indoor air quality you deserve.

Furnace Breakdowns

Wear and tear can cause parts of your heating system to fail. The furnace won’t be able to work correctly and keep your family warm and comfortable. It might even lead to a furnace breakdown if you neglect it any further. The damaged components will affect other parts when an HVAC contractor does not repair or replace your furnace immediately. Although furnaces last for up to 15 years, system failure will drastically reduce its lifespan. You will be forced to deal with a heating system replacement sooner than what you’d expect.

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Furnace Warranty Becomes Void

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Warranties help homeowners deal with a faulty system. It allows them to get repairs without having to spend out-of-pocket. This way, you avoid sudden expenditures that can put your budget in disarray. Keep in mind that most manufacturer warranties require that you maintain your furnace regularly by a professional. Otherwise, the furnace warranty becomes void. Make sure to keep all furnace tune-up records so you can easily procure them when the manufacturer asks for proof of maintenance.

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When To Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up

Did you book your annual furnace maintenance yet? The best time to have it checked is during early fall when the weather is still mild, and there are short waiting lines. Do not wait until the winter season arrives. Call your trusted HVAC technician today.


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