6 Ways You Are Overworking Your Furnace

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Furnaces are known to last for a very long time. However, this does not mean that they do not succumb to wear and tear, especially if they are abused, neglected, and overused. Your heating system might end up failing and leaving you with no heat when you need it the most. A furnace that is not utilized correctly will also cause other problems, such as decreased furnace efficiency, high heating bills, and frequent furnace repairs. Therefore, you must know how you can avoid causing any added strain or effort on your furnace during its operation.

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How You Are Overworking Your Furnace

Many homeowners do not take heed of the warning symptoms their furnaces show until their home heating is compromised. Unfortunately, many also contribute to the issues their furnaces have without knowing. Read on and find out the six ways you might be adding stress to your heating system.

Forgetting To Turn Down The Thermostat When You Leave

Some people leave their thermostats at the same temperature when they leave home for the day. Otherwise, they think that they will have decreased home comfort. This is an unnecessary effort that only pushes your heating system to waste energy and work harder to keep an unoccupied home warm.

It is recommended that you install a programmable thermostat. This way, you can save energy while ensuring that your furnace does not have to work more than it should. This device allows you to set the temperature you want when you are in or out of your home. If you cannot install one, just remember to turn down the temperature before leaving the house. Make sure that the thermostat is in the ideal setting whenever you are at home as well.

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Allowing Cold Air To Enter Your Home

Leaving your windows and doors open, even just a little bit, only allows a cold air draft to enter your home. As a result, you will still feel cold even when your heating system has been working all day. Ensure that all windows and doors are closed and locked. Check if there are any gaps, cracks, or holes on the sides of your windows and doors as well. If there are, have these sealed as soon as possible.

Increasing The Thermostat Temperature When You Feel Cold

When you feel cold, the first thing on your to-do list shouldn’t be to crank up the heat. Check the thermostat first. Make sure the settings are correct. If not, input the recommended thermostat settings for your home. Do not try to increase it any more than this because it will not make your home warmer quicker. Instead, you’ll end up overking your heating system.

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Blocking Vents

Homeowners sometimes block the registers and air return vents with furniture, plants, and other appliances. They prioritize indoor design and style and disregard the fact that they are placing furniture in front of wall heat vents. Some even put their bed over a vent because they believe it keeps their sheets warm. Even if it did, doing so only obstructs the warm air from being distributed properly throughout your home.


Neglecting Yearly Furnace Maintenance

It is highly recommended that you have your furnace professionally maintained at least once a year. This way, all potential issues are resolved as soon as possible. A well-maintained system ensures that you have a system that is in perfect working condition when you need it the most. It also helps keep your home’s energy efficiency level high.

Dirty furnace filters can overwork your system. A furnace tune-up checklist includes cleaning or changing your furnace. You can check your filter as well to ensure that it is clean and working correctly.


Choosing The Cheapest HVAC System Replacement

Furnaces tend to become less efficient the older it gets. It will eventually succumb to wear-and-tear which will require you to purchase a new system. Modern furnaces are made to be more energy-efficient. You can feel the difference in comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency that they bring.

A new furnace might be a costly purchase initially. However, do not go for the cheapest furnace replacement you can get your hands on. A furnace will affect your home comfort for many years, so it is recommended that you find one that’ll best suit your home heating needs. This will actually help save you more money in the long run. Find a furnace replacement company to assist you.

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Three Signs You Have An Overworked Heating System

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Here are three signs to look out for that you might be overworking your system:

  • High Home Heating Bills: It is normal for your utility bill to spike during winter. However, if the sudden increase seems unusual, your furnace might be experiencing a problem. Various issues could cause these, so contact an HVAC technician to conduct a thorough inspection.
  • Hot And Cold Spots: Your furnace might not be operating as it should if there are uneven temperatures throughout your home. You might feel hot and cold spots, and it might not be able to maintain the set temperature as well. It is likely overworked if it cannot meet your home comfort demands. Therefore, call an HVAC contractor to help resolve this problem.
  • Needs Frequent Furnace Repairs: If your system requires frequent HVAC repairs in a short period, it might be straining to do its job. It is likely to have worn out parts and might experience premature failure. You might have to replace your furnace earlier than you need to as well.

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To ensure that you do not overwork your heating system, you must understand how it works. This way, you maintain energy efficiency and home comfort. Talk to your local trusted HVAC technician to see what you can do to keep your system in excellent working condition or if you need to replace your current unit.

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