What Indoor Air Quality Products Really Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Pollution isn’t just the smoke on the streets. It can also be the air we breathe within our homes. Outdoor pollution may seem like it is beyond our powers but indoor pollution is definitely manageable if we are willing to do what it takes. Heating and cooling systems partially filter the air to improve its quality but this is seldom enough. If you wish to protect the health of your family, then consider installing indoor air quality products such as UV air purifiers around the house. These can work together with the HVAC system to achieve excellent indoor air quality. These devices are capable of removing viruses, bacteria, and other airborne threats.

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What Are Ultraviolet Air Purifiers?

Indoor air may be clear to the naked eye but it actually contains microscopic pathogens that can make people sick if inhaled. UV air purifiers are devices that can damage these pathogens and render them impotent. They are good for families that are predisposed to certain allergies or respiratory diseases. If a member of the household is suffering from a chronic ailment like asthma, then this device can go a long way towards improving their quality of life.

You may opt for small UV lamps that are meant for installation inside HVAC systems or larger standalone units. These are even better than portable ionizing air purifiers as they do not generate harmful ozone. Ultraviolet light is also valuable in dealing with volatile organic compounds and other air particulates. If you want to know more information about indoor air quality solutions, then call the experts over at R.F. Ohl.

How Can They Help Improve Air Quality?

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Open a UV air purifier and you will see one or more lamps that are capable of producing a type of ultraviolet light known as UV-C. It contains photons with a high amount of energy capable of destroying pathogen DNA which, in turn, prevents these from reproducing. All it takes is a short exposure to effectively kill the harmful microorganisms so they never get the opportunity to spread around the house. Ultraviolet light is such an incredible sanitizer that it is also being used in water treatment plants and food manufacturing facilities.

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality Essential?

Nearly everyone is in agreement that pollution is a major problem in the world today. However, most people still see it as an issue that they would only need to confront when they go outside due to smoke-belching cars and factories. What they don’t realize is that pollution is an issue in every household. If we want our homes to be conducive to health and wellness, then we must take indoor air quality seriously.

1. Prevent The Development Of Respiratory Illness

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We need to breathe continuously to stay alive. However, the air we breathe may also contain unwanted particles that can harm us in different ways. These contaminants that trigger sudden allergy attacks that make us sick for days. We can hardly work with nonstop sneezing, coughing, itching, and fever. Some particulate matter may also cause pneumonia, asthma, and similarly serious ailments with long-term exposure.

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2. Enhance Comfort When Staying Indoors

High-risk households are not the only ones that should be concerned with air quality. After all, every person wants to feel comfortable when they are staying indoors. Our homes should be the place where we feel the safest and most relaxed. We can know instinctively is a place that is filled with clean and fresh air. It makes us feel at ease so we don’t mind being there for long periods. If our homes had bad air quality, we would constantly feel anxious. Instead of staying in, we would want to escape to the outside instead.

3. Prevent Your Home From Smelling Bad

image of person plugging nose due bad odor inside home

Nobody wants to live in a house that smells bad. The usual source of offensive odors is rotting organic matter due to the presence of bacteria. These microorganisms act on food items, wet carpet, air ducts, HVAC filters, moist surfaces, and the like. Sanitation is necessary for preventing spoilage. Homeowners should make it a point to perform regular cleaning around the house, especially around vulnerable items. UV air purifiers can help kill bacteria and keep the home smelling nice and clean.

4. Decrease The Need For HVAC Maintenance

Every HVAC system manufacturer asks owners to check their HVAC filters regularly. These require periodic replacement or cleaning depending on the type. These filters can get clogged up with dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. UV air purifiers can zap some of the pathogens that cause the clogs so installing them can slow down the frequency of replacements. Aside from improving air quality, this also helps to improve efficiency while minimizing wear and tear. UV air purifiers can extend the system’s service life and lower the cost of ownership.

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What Kind Of UV Air Purifier Should I Buy?

A quick online search will reveal a long list of available UV air purifier models. However, one model is head-and-shoulders above the rest. Read on to find out more.

Air Scrubber By Aerus

air scrubber by aerusBuilt-in filters in HVAC systems are sorely inadequate in fighting indoor pollution. These can get the large dust particles but they have a hard time screening the smallest bits. As a result, a lot of harmful matter continue to circulate around homes. The Air Scrubber by Aerus fills the gap by performing 50x better and catching as much as 99.9% of dangerous contaminants – far more than what other products can achieve. These claims have been validated by research from Kansas State University and the results are available online.

The Air Scrubber is essentially a UV air purifier that zaps contaminants upon exposure. However, unlike its competitors, this device goes a step further with its advanced ActivePure technology. It is able to release hydrogen and oxygen molecules to scrub the environment from the air to the surfaces. These are able to reach every inch of indoor spaces for a more thorough clean. For example, these can minimize the germs on the table, kitchen counters, beddings, and doorknobs. That’s incredible coverage for an air purifier.

Using the Air Scrubber can result in significant cost savings as well. First, the family will not have to deal as much with medical issues resulting from indoor air pollution. Second, the HVAC system will run better and fail less with fewer pollutants interfering with its operation. Third, system efficiency will increase leading to reduced energy consumption. Fourth, even the unit itself is quite affordable so homeowners can have it installed within their budget.

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Every homeowner must prioritize air quality given all of the health hazards present in the environment. The contaminants make the home unpleasant by causing diseases, allergies, and bad smells. Fortunately, people can count on UV air purifiers to drastically reduce the pathogens in the air for health and well-being.

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