Is Your Toilet Running Up The Water Bill?

image of a homeowner flushing money down the toilet depicting water costs and running toilet

Your hard-earned money shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet with excessive water bills. If your water meter has a sudden consumption increase, you might have a leaking toilet or a running toilet. Inspect the toilet first because it’s the number one source of wasted water in homes throughout the US. A plumber can assist you with stopping this immediately. Read on to learn how to determine if you have a toilet leak at home.

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How To Determine If Your Toilet Is Running Constantly

Test whether you have a running toilet before doing anything. You can conduct any of these examinations to test your theory:

Toilet Leak Dye Test

Regular water blends with its background because it is clear. Therefore, you might not notice the toilet leaking even though it’s right in front of you. You can make it evident by using a dye or any soluble coloring solution to change the color of the water. Put several food coloring drops in the tank and wait for around 20 minutes. You will see color streaks on the toilet bowl if a leak is present. Remember to flush right away; otherwise, it might stain if left to dry.

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Toilet Sound Check

If there isn’t any dye available, you can do a simple soundcheck to confirm your suspicion. Go near the toilet and listen for moving water. Make sure to shut the door, close the taps, and remove other possible sources of noise. The room should be completely quiet. If you hear water flowing from the tank, you likely have a toilet leak.


Understanding How The Modern Toilet Works

The toilet we have today is a modern invention. Various elements have slowly cropped up over the years, such as water closets that let users flush down waste and the S-trap that blocks foul smells. A chain pulls up a flapper when a person presses a button. This opens a hole at the bottom that releases water into the bowl. Afterward, the flapper goes back down and seals the hole at the bottom, so water fills the tank until the set level is reached. This cycle repeats for the next user.

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Common Reasons For Running Toilets

Toilets have a clever and straightforward design that has largely remained the same since it was introduced. It functions well most of the time, but the toilet can still sometimes run into problems. Water might run continuously due to problematic parts. Here are some of the common culprits behind running toilets:

Faulty Toilet Flapper

image of a toilet tank and interior components

Lift the cover of the toilet’s water tank to conduct a visual check of the components. The flapper seals the hole at the bottom of the tank. This component is typically made of rubber that’s shaped into a half-dome. The hole should be completely sealed so that water cannot pass through. Even a tiny gap will let water squeeze out. This can be because of dirt buildup around the rim, or an object is in the way. It could also be a broken flapper hinge caused by wear and tear. Gaps or cracks along the perimeter are another cause. In some cases, cleaning and adjusting the flapper solves the issue. However, replacing components might be what’s needed at other times.

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Wrong Toilet Chain Length

As earlier mentioned, a chain connects the flush button to the flapper. Press the flush to pull the chain, and you’ll see water rapidly coming down. The flapper will not work properly if the chain isn’t set up as it should. For instance, the chain’s length might be shorter than it should be. This will keep the flapper up, meaning the hole at the bottom is always open, and water can escape into the bowl. Even a partial lift can cause a significant leak.

Excessive Toilet Water

image of a homeowner flushing toilet

Leaks can happen if the tank is overfilled with water. The level of liquid should be an inch below the flush tube’s top at the maximum. This is crucial if you want to be safe. If overfilling occurs regularly, float adjustment needs to be done to correct the problem. Consult a professional for assistance if you are unsure how to do this.

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Broken Toilet Fill Valve

The problem is likely because of a broken fill valve if the flapper, chain, and water level are working as they should. The best course of action is to replace the valve immediately so that your home can return to normal. The parts are easy to find, but not all homeowners are comfortable doing the job. Some might attempt but end up with unsatisfactory results. Call an expert to ensure that the process is done correctly.



Increasing water bills are almost always because of leakages. Your toilet might be a significant contributor to your newest financial trouble. Fix the problem right away to stop wasting water. Determine the root cause by using the information listed in this article. Conduct simple adjustments to see if it contains the leak. Otherwise, call your local, trusted plumber.

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