These 6 Common Household Products Are Polluting The Air In Your Home

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Maintaining a clean and safe home is a priority for many. Apart from order and cleanliness your eyes can see and appreciate, you must also pay proper attention to indoor air quality to ensure your living space supports your overall health.

As you strive to ensure your home is in order and clean, some overlooked factors can impact indoor air quality (IAQ) and cause indoor air pollution. It’s crucial to understand how certain household products may contribute to poor IAQ and what steps you can take to mitigate potential issues.

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What Is Indoor Air Quality?

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Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the condition of the air within and around buildings, including residential homes and commercial structures, directly affecting the comfort and health of occupants by influencing the ease and safety of breathing. Indoor air pollution, stemming from various household sources, can significantly impact IAQ, underscoring the importance of proactive measures to safeguard your health and well-being

IAQ is particularly critical in homes with elderly individuals, young children, or those with compromised immune systems. Excessive moisture and pollutants in indoor air can elevate the risk of health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues. Consequently, maintaining adequate IAQ standards is essential for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Identifying Household Products That Can Bring Indoor Air Pollution

cleaning tools and products that can potentially bring indoor air pollution

It’s crucial to recognize how everyday household products can bring indoor air pollution and introduce pollutants into the air, thus compromising its cleanliness. Many commonly used items may contain substances that degrade IAQ, presenting a significant concern for homeowners.

Understanding the typical sources of indoor air pollution can aid in addressing IAQ issues effectively. By being mindful of the products used within the home, you can take proactive measures to minimize air quality degradation.

This approach involves exploring alternative products and practices that promote healthier indoor environments. By making informed choices and implementing suitable solutions, homeowners can mitigate the impact of household products on IAQ, ultimately fostering a safer and more comfortable living environment.

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Cleaning Products

Those fresh-scented cleaners might be masking a toxic truth. Many contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), bleach, ammonia, and artificial fragrances that irritate lungs and contribute to ozone formation.

Swap chemical cocktails for natural cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Opt for fragrance-free or plant-based alternatives. Both your respiratory system and the environment will benefit from this switch.


couple painting wall that can potentially release harmful gases in the air

Traditional paints have volatile organic compounds (VOCs), releasing harmful gases into the air during and after application. Choose low-VOC or zero-VOC paints whenever possible. Look for certifications like Greenguard or Green Seal. Open your windows for proper ventilation and wear a mask during application.

Aerosol Sprays

Woman holding bottle of aerosol air freshener at home that can impact IAQ

Hairspray, deodorant, air fresheners – they’re everywhere. But those convenient sprays release propellants and harmful chemicals that pollute your home and impact your health. Seek pump or stick alternatives for hair products and deodorants and ditch synthetic air fresheners for natural options like plants or essential oils diffused with a non-aerosol diffuser.

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Air Fresheners

Ironically, these “fresheners” can worsen air quality. Many contain a concoction of chemicals, irritants, and VOCs that trigger allergies and aggravate respiratory issues. Open windows for natural ventilation or use activated charcoal bags to absorb odors. Try essential oils diffused with non-aerosol diffusers for a natural fragrance.


Paraffin wax candles, a common household staple, release carcinogenic compounds when burned. Studies link them to increased asthma and lung cancer risk. Opt for beeswax candles or those made from soy or vegetable wax. Consider LED candles that emit a warm glow without harmful fumes.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning solvents, particularly PERC (perchloroethylene), are potent VOCs linked to health concerns. This chemical lingers on clothes and can impact indoor air quality. Minimize dry cleaning and thoroughly air out clothes before bringing them inside. Look for dry-cleaning establishments that use eco-friendly alternatives.

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How Your HVAC System Impacts Your Home’s Air Quality

HVAC systems can help maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ). They perform two main functions that impact IAQ:

1. Ventilation

HVAC systems bring fresh outdoor air and remove stale indoor air containing dust, allergens, and VOCs. This process is crucial for diluting and removing contaminants that can build up inside closed spaces.

Many HVAC systems can also control humidity levels. If your home has high humidity levels, there can be increased mold growth and dust mite activity, contributing to poor IAQ. The system can create a more comfortable and healthier environment by regulating humidity.

2. Filtration

There are HVAC systems with air filters trapping airborne particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. These filters act as the first line of defense against pollutants entering the living space. Different MERV ratings indicate the filter’s efficiency in capturing particles of various sizes, with higher ratings capturing smaller particles.

Some advanced systems may incorporate additional filtration technologies like UV lights or electrostatic air cleaners to improve air quality by tackling even smaller particles or neutralizing bacteria and viruses.

These functions are linked to specific benefits for IAQ, including reduced respiratory problems, improved comfort, reduced risks of mold and mildew, and less exposure to harmful chemicals.

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It is essential to prioritize active awareness of household products that may compromise indoor air quality as part of proper indoor air quality management. Safeguarding indoor air quality is crucial for the health and safety of occupants and environmental preservation. 

Implementing small yet impactful measures and ensuring proper maintenance of HVAC systems can significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality, providing a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

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