New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort And Decrease Fuel Use

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There have been significant strides when it comes to home heating technologies, having a significant effect on households across the US. With this in mind, an oil heating system replacement is a good idea as new heating oil systems outperform old models. HVAC manufacturers have focused on efficiency for the past few years, and excellent results have been made. This way, people will have enhanced comfort even during the year’s coldest days. They will also see a decrease in the amount of fuel oil their system consumes as the most efficient oil heating system can do more while using less oil. In this article, you will learn why these changes are beneficial for you.

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The Higher Efficiency Of New Heating Oil Systems

Strongly consider replacing your old oil-heat system. A new one is a worthwhile investment as new heating systems have a lot of advantages to give. Their efficiency ratings can be as much as 98%, so less energy is wasted. It will also consume less oil, so you’ll have up to 48% fuel savings. New oil boilers are also equipped with energy-saving controls that reduce fuel usage by 10% more while still generating greater heat. New oil furnaces and boilers also have variable-speed motors, so it needs 80% less electricity than systems with fixed-speed motors. Heating oil has also been improved as there are blends with higher efficiency and cleaner burn.

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Modern Innovations Behind Oil-Heat Efficiency Improvements

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Some of the modern innovations behind the improvements in oil heating efficiency are:

Lighter Heat Exchangers

Check the list of features when looking for a replacement for your oil furnace or boiler. This way, you’ll know if it has some of the most important innovations that increase efficiency. One of these is lighter heat exchangers. This component moves heat from the combustion fuel to the air. A lighter heat exchanger means that it can transfer heat better than those with heavier construction.

Electronic Ignition Systems

Older furnaces typically have standing pilot lights. However, modern standards consider this feature to be obsolete. A better option is electronic ignitions, as it has proven to be a better option as it needs less energy. Moreover, it will only use power when required.

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Sealed Combustion Chambers

Older furnaces have a design that features atmospheric combustion chambers. These components are open to your home, so they lose heat as time passes. On the other hand, new furnaces have sealed combustion systems. They receive air via a PVC pipe, allowing better heat retention and higher household safety.

Two-Stage Oil Furnaces

Old furnace burners can only be either ON or OFF. These burners are at maximum working capacity when switched on. On the other hand, new furnace burners have several states so they can work at lower capacities and save energy. They also help distribute heat evenly throughout your home.

Fans With Variable Speeds

Newer furnaces have fans that operate at variable speeds. This is a useful feature because you might not always need your furnace to work at full speed. You can decrease your energy usage when you lower the settings.


Incredible Benefits of High-Efficiency Oil Furnace Upgrades

Advantages you receive when you upgrade to high-efficiency oil furnaces and boilers include:

Greater Equipment Longevity

New heating oil systems are expected to last longer than older ones. They are equipped with innovative features that let your system cycle on and off when needed, reducing energy consumption. Moreover, there is also less wear and tear, so its service life is prolonged. New systems can also remove excess water in the air and brush off chemical accumulations, further boosting your system’s lifespan. It also provides a healthier home environment for your family.

Lower Utility Bills

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Many homeowners do not immediately buy a new oil heating system when they need to due to the high initial cost. Instead, they hold onto their old systems because they think it helps save them money. However, having inefficient home heating equipment only leads to higher bills. Replacing old systems can save them money because they will have lower utility bills. The savings you’ll have will cover the upgrade cost in a few years. Old systems have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of around 65%, while new ones have as much as 98% AFUE rating.

Reduced Environmental Impact

There is a considerable decrease in fuel use. Some households find that they only use a third of the usual amount of fuel as new systems can create enough heat while using little energy. Your wallet isn’t the only one that benefits from a new heating system, as the environment does as well. Highly efficient furnaces and boilers reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources. It is the path to take when you wish for a greener home. Some places also offer incentives, such as tax credits for owners who opt for energy-efficient HVAC systems.

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Less Maintenance Stress

Older systems will begin to decline after ten years. Homeowners will have to be aware of its maintenance so that it runs well. You also might have to spend more money on your old system’s increasing repair needs. Upgrade to a new system to ensure worry-free home heating system ownership.

Better Heat Distribution

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A common problem large homes encounter is uneven heat distribution. Some rooms might feel hotter than others, so occupants might complain about this. New heating oil systems have better heat distribution capabilities, so you and your family can sleep comfortably even during the coldest days of the year. There will also be consistent airflow and more manageable temperatures.

Higher Home Value

Your home will have a higher value when you have a modern heating oil system. After all, buyers appreciate all the benefits this system brings, so they are prepared to pay more for the property.

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There are many things a homeowner can do to increase energy efficiency, such as installing a programmable or smart thermostat and annual HVAC maintenance. However, getting an energy-efficient oil-heat system upgrade will have the biggest impact. Make the switch and receive all the benefits mentioned above. Consult your local HVAC professional to help you with selecting the right equipment. They can also provide financial assistance.

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