Improper Furnace Installations Can End Up Costing You More Money

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How a furnace is installed is just as important as how well it’s been designed. Improper furnace installation is one thing that HVAC companies always encourage property owners to avoid. This is a simple way to avoid serious furnace issues and early furnace failure. Proper installation of heaters is essential for ensuring proper functioning, given that it directly correlates to both efficiency and performance. Moreover, a furnace must be the proper size for a building. It must be installed the right way for it to operate safely. This article will share a few reasons why proper furnace installation is so important.

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The Role Of The Manual J Load Calculation & Furnace Installations

Before taking any other steps, there is one very important thing that must be done to ensure that your HVAC system is installed correctly and able to work problem-free. This is performing a Manual J Load Calculation. Obtaining this figure is vital for ensuring that the capacity and size of the HVAC system are correct. But what is this calculation and why does it matter?

Why a Manual J Load Calculation Matters

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This calculation is a measurement of the cooling and/or heating capacity of HVAC equipment based on a specific set of factors. Among these is the square footage of the home or commercial facility, and the building materials that were used to create the structure. It also accounts for wall positioning, insulation types and amounts, and other important aspects that determine the right size for HVAC equipment. This calculation is necessary for identifying the right HVAC system capacity, which is typically measured in terms of BTUs or British Thermal Units. A single HVAC ton represents the system’s capacity to melt 1,000 kilograms (one ton) of ice over a 24-hour period. A single ton is the equivalent of 12,000 BTUs per hour.

So why is the Manual J Load Calculation important? Easy. All homes are different in terms of their materials, their design, their structure, and even their occupants. An HVAC system in any home has to be the right capacity and size for maintaining constant, even temperatures throughout the building. If it is undersized or too small, or too big (oversized), it won’t be efficient, use more fuel than necessary, and it will sustain excess wear. It might even exhibit problems like short cycling where it constantly turns off and on. It can also fail prematurely as the result of accelerated wear. Indoor comfortable levels can additionally decline given that the HVAC equipment is unable to properly heat and cool the environment.

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Safety Risk of Having an Improperly Installed Furnace

Problems resulting from an incorrectly installed furnace are far more than just an inconvenience; they can also pose safety risks. Following are several potential safety hazards resulting from improperly installed furnaces that people might be subject to:

Dangerous Gas Leaks

If not connected correctly, a furnace can have gaps at its joints that result in gas leaks. A gas-fired furnace releases a colorless, odorless gas called carbon monoxide that’s both combustible and poisonous. Both humans and animals can be harmed by it.


Electrical Problems

One very worrisome issue that can occur as the result of incorrect furnace installation is faulty wiring. Wiring issues are often the result of poor wiring jobs. Systems that have faulty wiring can drain energy, cause the circuit breaker to trip, and increase the likelihood of electrical fires. Electrical issues also lower efficiency, thereby causing homeowners to pay more to heat and cool their homes than they should.

Decreased Home Comfort

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Furnaces are unnecessarily burdened when they aren’t properly installed. Moreover, people usually experience decreased indoor comfort as a result. Given that their furnaces don’t work correctly, several problems can arise including:

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Decreased Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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The quality of the indoor air is reliant upon good HVAC functioning. If the drain system has a faulty design, it can lead to water leaks and structural damages throughout the building. Everywhere that water accumulates, as a result, can be affected by mildew and mold. This is one way in which IAQ can be affected.

Problems With Air Distribution

When furnace installation is faulty along with the HVAC ductwork system, this can impact air distribution in a negative way. This is usually the case when the unit’s output capacity isn’t compatible with the duct size. If there are air distribution problems, system efficiency will be lower and there will likely be uneven temperatures throughout the home.

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Hot and Cold Spots

Frustrating hot and cold spots can develop throughout the building when air distribution issues exist. For instance, certain areas of the home will feel colder or warmer than they’re supposed to, which can cause both decreased resident comfort and decreased resident safety.

Venting Problems

Your HVAC system can also have problems at the venting. If vent pipes that are the wrong material or size are used, or if the system is simply vented incorrectly, HVAC problems will arise seemingly right away.

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Choosing the Right HVAC Company for Your Furnace Installation

Only a seasoned and licensed HVAC company can install your furnace the right way. Before hiring a furnace contractor, look for these things:

Industry and NATE Certifications

Nate certifications are issued to HVAC technicians who successfully pass the specialty and core tests that the organization offers. North American Technician Excellent (NATE) is an independent body that offers certifications to technicians who work in service or installation industries via a knowledge-based exam. When technicians have NATE certification, this means that they have met the industry standard and that they’ve proven their competence within their field.

Bonded and Licensed

Licensed companies are guaranteed to be knowledgeable, well-trained, and qualified to handle the work they take on. If companies are licensed, you’re assured of getting competent work. An HVAC contractor license bond is a type of insurance that offers protection for both HVAC companies and their clients in case problems ever arise.

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Quality References

Another thing to look for when choosing an HVAC company or a company that solely performance furnace installation is good references. When a company is competent and offers superior workmanship, their current and former clients should be eager to recommend them to other consumers.


Final Word

Companies providing furnace installation work hard to ensure that their clients have comfortable homes. One way in which they accomplish this is by making sure that home heating equipment is installed correctly from the very outset. When your furnace is the right size and capacity for your home, you’ll get guaranteed safety, comfort, and efficiency all year long.

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