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The best way to give your ductless mini-split a clean and professional finish is by installing a line set cover. This also provides enhanced performance which makes it an essential accessory for all your existing and newly installed mini-split systems.

This article talks about what ductless line set covers are and how they help the overall function of your ductless system.

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What A Ductless Line Set Cover Is

The line set is special copper tubing that exists to carry refrigerant to the evaporator within the indoor air handling unit from the outside compressor in a cyclic fashion. It has two separate lines: a large suction line and a small-sized liquid line. Sadly, line sets can suffer exposure to the elements that result in surprisingly rapid corrosion.

In addition to protecting the line set, a line set cover also guards the drain tubing to prevent ongoing exposure to the outside elements. This includes harmful UV rays that gradually break down line set insulation. These covers are weather-resistant so that ductless mini-split systems can continue functioning in the best possible way despite harsh outdoor conditions.

The Parts That A Line Set Cover Is Comprised Of

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Line set covers are comprised of various parts for ensuring proper installation. Among these parts are:

  • The split line tube – this component covers the line set, drain piping, and the connecting wires so that these things are protected from the natural elements
  • The end socket – an end socket ensures that the line set cover forms a tight seal to the condenser
  • The vertical elbow – this is used when turns must be made during installation such as when traveling around corners or through soffits.
  • The horizontal elbow – a horizontal elbow makes turns on walls. It is frequently used in instances in which obstacles exist like windows.
  • Socket/coupling – in a straight run, a socket can connect two split line tubes.
  • The wall cover – this is designed to seal all holes and gaps across the wall penetration for the line set.
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Line Set Cover Features

There are a number of standard features provided by line set covers for simplifying the management of mini-split systems. Among them are the following:

Good Overall Versatility

In general, line sets aren’t very stylish or pleasing to the eye. Thus, they have the ability to diminish indoor aesthetics. Line set covers are handy since they conceal the line set. Moreover, these covers can be seamlessly blended into the walls given that they are paintable. There are even manufacturers offering custom wraps for ensuring the ideal aesthetic qualities. Best of all, lines set covers are available for use in both commercial environments and residential buildings so that homes and offices can look well-designed and professional all the time.

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Line set covers are made to reflect all current energy code requirements. They come with a peel-off, protective film so that they remain clean and are easy to clean as needed.

These Covers Are Adjustable

Some line set cover designs can accommodate many different line sets, which could be essential if your home has a multi-zone ductless configuration. There are also quick-snap covers to ensure that they don’t pop off.

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They’re Durable

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It is also important to note that line set covers have a thick-walled construction that make them very durable. Line set covers undergo a process to verify that they’re able to stand up to UV rays and can offer the needed protection. They come with glossy finishes and no-rust screws that allow them to fare well in the elements.

Line-Hide From Mitsubishi

The Line-Hide system from Mitsubishi is designed to protect and conceal copper line sets and to contain and control the wiring that’s essential for the proper functioning of a ductless mini-split. Outside elements including harmful UV rays expedite the breakdown of line set insulation. The line cover creates a formidable barrier for keeping these detrimental elements out.

Line-Hide is manufacturers with UV inhibitors and PVC of the highest quality, making it ideal for outside use at all times of the year. You can use most types of house paints to paint Line-Hide. This way, you can match it with the surrounding outside decor. These systems can additionally be used inside as per UL94v-0 interior applications.

Line-Hide is available in various sizes making it easy to find one that accommodates every cover diameter. Furthermore, Line-Hide offers quick and easy installation give that it has a simple, modular design and snap-on parts. The required screws for its application also come as part of the system. You can use these components anywhere necessary for hiding wires, pipes, cables, or other system elements.

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Once you have had a ductless mini-split installed, installing a cover for the line set will protect it from extreme temperatures and potentially damaging outside elements. This can also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the line set by eliminating unsightly wires and creating a clean look.

Professionally installing your line set cover will ensure that your cover has the proper specifications for your line set and that it provides the desired aesthetic benefits. It also ensures that all aspects of your ductless mini-split are working perfectly and can provide year-round energy savings and comfort.

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