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A mini-split operates in a highly efficient and quiet manner. With a split system installed in your home, you can ensure that you will receive consistent temperatures that will keep you comfortable throughout the year. It is recommended that you call an HVAC professional when you want to install a mini-split unit. An expert has the proper knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure that you have the correct make and model for your home. Supplementary ductless installation accessories can help make sure that your mini-split works to the best of its capabilities. A few of these are vital, whereas some are just nice additions.

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Accessories Needed For A Ductless Heat Pump Installation

This article lists several accessories that are required for installation. This will help you choose which ones will cater to your specific needs.

Line Sets

A line set is comprised of two copper tubes that run between your indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. It is where the refrigerant travels during the heating and cooling cycle. The larger line, also called the suction line, transports the coolant while in its gaseous state. Whereas, the smaller line is the liquid line where the liquid refrigerant travels.

Line sets help the refrigerant carry heat in and out of your house. Therefore, they are essential to ensure your mini-split functions as it should. The line set should be the right sight to ensure optimum functionality with your system. Otherwise, your split unit will end up malfunctioning. Read the installation manual so that you know the correct line set size to match your indoor air handler. Keep in mind that you also need to know how long the line set should be. To ensure that you buy the right line set size and length, call a professional before you make a purchase.

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Line Set Adapters

Line set adapters are utilized if you have a line set for your indoor air handler that does not fit the outdoor unit’s port connections. Contact your local trusted HVAC technician to help you determine the correct line set and adapter for the mini-split you have.

Line Set Cover

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Mini-splits have a compact and modern design to ensure that they can blend with the aesthetic you want without affecting the comfort you receive. The line sets are usually installed behind the wall for a clean finish. Unfortunately, there are some instances when this is not possible. When you want something that can cover up the line set so that it blends with the wall, use a line set cover. These can also be painted over so you can be sure the color matches that of your wall. Although it’s a nice add-on, a line set cover isn’t required.

Whip & Disconnect Box

Mini-split systems require their own circuit to ensure power is directly supplied to the system. The code also requires that all outdoor units be installed with a disconnect box. This is necessary as it allows a professional to turn off the power to your mini-split. This feature is handy during maintenance and repair services, as it ensures that any electric-related accidents are avoided. The whip, on the other hand, is the metal conduit that contains the needed wires to connect the disconnect box to the outdoor compressor.

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Connecting Wire

electrical cables for ductless mini-split installationMini-splits require a connecting cable as it supplies power to the indoor air handler. It is also the communication line between the outdoor and indoor units. Ensure that the connecting wire you purchase is manufacturer-recommended. Seek the help of a professional to make sure you buy the correct one.

Surge Protectors

Mini-split units use electricity to operate. This makes them vulnerable to lightning power surges and voltage spikes. Unfortunately, these can damage the electrical parts of your split system. Make sure your system is safe from this type of damages by installing a special-designed surge protector.

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Drain Tubing

Aside from cooling the air, your mini-split can also extract hot, humid air from your home. The moisture in the air is condensed into liquid and is removed through the drain tube. The water then flows to a drain pan. Proper water disposal is vital to ensure that your system does not suffer from water damages.


Condensate Removal Products

Mini-splits usually employ the help of gravity to drain moisture. However, there are some situations that gravity alone isn’t possible. If this is the case, you need to and install a condensate removal pump to help eliminate the moisture. This is fixed under the indoor air handler. It can also be installed on the internal pump mounting and water sensor.

Drain Pan Heaters

When you live in an area that experiences frigid weather, ice might form on the drain pan. This can significantly hamper your mini-split operation. Utilize a drain pan heater to resolve this problem. It can expand the heating range of your system as well. This add-on is only required for places that have cold climates and not in areas that have moderate weather.

Wind Baffles

Wind baffles are installed in your outdoor unit so that you can have low ambient cooling. This is a useful accessory to have when you have rooms in your house that need to be cooled all year-round.

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Wi-Fi Adapters

A Wi-Fi adapter lets you manage your split system via smart technology. Hook up the adapters to your system so that they become compatible with a downloadable app on your smart device. With just a tap on your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the settings of your system to fit your specific needs better. It is an excellent add-on to homeowners who are out of their house a lot as it lets them control their system from virtually anywhere.

Condenser Pads

mitsubishi heating and cooling systemCondenser pads are concrete-covered foam or plastic that is used as the mounting surface of the outdoor compressor of your mini-split. This will help lessen the vibration and noise coming from your unit.

Condenser Unit Brackets

If you live in a place that gets snowed heavily a lot or if you want to put indoor air handlers on the second floor of your house, then the condenser should not be placed at ground level. Utilize a wall bracket to solve this issue. It allows you to mount the outdoor unit at an appropriate height. Wall brackets come in different sizes, with some having additional features like vibration-isolation to ensure noise from your outdoor unit is reduced.

Branch Boxes

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Several mini-splits have an eight-zone capable condenser. When you have one like this, you need to utilize a branch box to make sure that the refrigerant is adequately circulated from the outdoor condenser to all the indoor air handlers. Branch boxes are manufacturer-specific, so ensure that you buy the correct one for the make and model you have.

Maintenance Accessories

To ensure your split system’s longevity, routine cleaning and maintenance are required. This makes sure that all issues are caught early on so that they do not turn into more significant problems. Maintenance accessories like bib kits and condenser cleaners can be bought on the market. However, it is recommended that you let a professional HVAC technician conduct tune-up at least once a year to ensure that your system is in perfect working condition.

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Final Thoughts

Many mini-split accessories are available to ensure that your system provides you with maximum home comfort, safety, and convenience. Go over the list carefully to assess which ones you require to elevate your home comfort level. Make sure you factor in your budget as well as when considering which accessories to buy.
To ensure that quick and easy installations, call your local trusted HVAC technician. They are equipped with the certifications, experience, and knowledge to recommend the best-fitting accessories for your specific home comfort goals and needs.

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