Common Winter Furnace Problems And How To Troubleshoot

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Every homeowner should learn how to conduct simple furnace troubleshooting. This skill will come in handy during the cold months. Furnaces are durable, but they aren’t invincible. Problems with heating systems do crop up sooner or later, and they can impact your home’s safety and comfort. Bear in mind that not all issues can be remedied with a do-it-yourself method. However, there are certain furnace troubleshooting you can do safely.

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Common Winter Furnace Problems And How To Troubleshoot

This article includes a discussion of the common furnace issues and how you can troubleshoot them.

Lack Of Furnace Maintenance

A furnace works hard during the cold season and is expected to work even after the winter ends. Heating systems are more likely to break down from damage and wear and tear if it does not receive regular HVAC maintenance. This process is quite simple. A certified HVAC company is required for annual furnace maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair when needed. This way, you can ensure that your furnace works efficiently at all times. Do not wait until there is extensive damage before you contact an HVAC technician. Otherwise, your system might have already incurred irreparable problems that require an expensive sum to fix.

Troubleshoot: Call a professional to inspect and tune-up your HVAC system at least once per year.


Dirty Furnace Filter

A dirty filter is one of the most common issues you might encounter when conducting gas furnace troubleshooting on an older unit. Air filters are responsible for the particulate level that circulates in your home. They help make sure that you breathe clean and safe air. Unfortunately, air filters can accumulate dirt, dust, and other contaminants, causing a clog. This makes your system work less efficiently.

Troubleshoot: Conduct air filter checks once a month. Clean or replace it when the air filter is dirty.


Electric Ignition Or Pilot Control Problems

An electric ignition problem might be due to an electrical problem. Check if the pilot is out, as this could be why the furnace isn’t heating your home. Do not light it manually if the furnace has an electronic lighter. If the furnace has power, re-light it by carefully following the owner’s manual.

Troubleshoot: Check if the circuit breaker tripped. Fix this issue before checking the unit. Determine if there are drafts or clogs. If the furnace does not relight, contact a licensed HVAC contractor right away.

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Malfunctioning Thermostat

homeowner adjusting thermostat when furnace not working

A furnace thermostat that won’t turn on likely has a faulty or damaged component. This is typically an easy troubleshooting task that won’t cost much unless the part needs to be upgraded or replaced. If the thermostat doesn’t show the temperature readings, it could have battery problems.

Troubleshoot: Do a thermostat reset by switching the furnace on and off. You can also shut the power to the furnace completely. Make sure to replace the batteries with new ones periodically as well. Call an HVAC professional to check the unit if these troubleshooting steps fail.

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Furnace Blowing Cold Air

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Some causes of a furnace failing to produce warm air include a blocked filter, incorrect temperature setting, lack of gas, or unlit pilot light. The furnace might also not have enough capacity to heat the space you have.

Troubleshoot: Make sure you have the right furnace size for your home by consulting an HVAC company. A furnace that’s too small needs an upgrade. In addition, clean or change the filter, check the power, and inspect the pilot light. The thermostat should also have the right setting.

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Furnace Is Frequently Cycling

Short cycling is a furnace malfunction where the unit turns on and off frequently. It is noticeable because your system will operate in quick and constant bursts and your energy costs are higher than necessary. The problem could happen because of dirty air filters, overheating, and incorrect furnace sizing.

Troubleshoot: Make sure that your thermostat works properly and there is no damage. The thermostat should also not be under direct light or near any heat source like a stove. Otherwise, it could give you the wrong temperature reading. Contact an HVAC expert to help you find the right furnace size for your home. If it has a faulty heat exchanger, call your trusted HVAC contractor immediately.


Furnace Blower Continuously Runs

If the furnace blower keeps running even though it is supposed to stop, it might be because of a problem with the limit switch. Some models allow the fan limit switch to be switched off manually. If your system is one of these models, check if the switch is in the manual or automatic position and adjust it as needed.

Troubleshoot: The limit switch that is set on automatic will keep the fan from running constantly. However, if you have a damaged limit switch, you need to have a licensed HVAC tech check the unit.

Furnace Produces Unusual Noise Or Smells

image of a homeowner noticing a bad odor from furnace

Some noises that your furnace makes are warning sounds that shouldn’t be ignored. These include booming, clanging, clicking, and screeching sounds. Any unusual HVAC smell could also point to furnace troubles.

Troubleshoot: Check the filters for any clogs if you are having airflow issues. A mechanical problem or a clogged burner should never be fixed on your own. Call a professional HVAC technician instead.

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It is recommended that homeowners learn how to do simple heating system troubleshooting. These steps are something that they can do on their own as long as they are equipped with the correct information. This way, they can conduct it safely. Therefore, learn how your furnace works and what steps you can do safely. After all, some issues do not need a professional to resolve them. It is always better to understand your heating system so it can work more efficiently for your home. For other issues, be sure to call in a professional.

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